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The Kids Build Our (Their) Dream Home… With Lego!

For the past 6 years we have lived in rented properties, I always dream of owning our own home again, to have a mortgage (yes I dream of being in over £100k of debt) and a place where we can live how we want, decorate how we want and knock down walls. A house to call home, where all our hard work and money will be ours to keep.

But this still appears to be a distant dream, we will get there but not in the foreseeable future… yet!

Recently the kids were given a challenge from the team over at Ocean Loans, they were to build a house of their dreams… with Lego! My kids love Lego and would love it even more if they could build an actual house out of Lego but alas it was to be a small house so they quickly got to work with this great (but small) set which we were provided with for our task.

Ocean Loans Lego Challenge 1Armed with their box of Lego and Baseplate the kids really got stuck in working together and soon they had made this. This house (apparently!) has 4 bedrooms, livingroom, playroom, kitchen and a special cinema for watching back to back Harry Potter films. In the garden there is a special pathway to the flower garden and our very own swimming pool, the kids love swimming!

Ocean Loans Lego Challenge 2

I love all the little details the kids have put on the house, there are brown and beige pieces for the doormat, a red door handle, a cover over the windows to protect from rain and even helicopter propellers so that it can take off. I have visions of us just floating around like the house in the film UP!

Ocean Loans Lego Challenge

I am very pleased with the kids efforts and their imagination in building their dream home, now I just need to keep buying lottery tickets so that I can turn their dream into reality.

Does anyone have a telephone number for someone who builds flying houses?

**This is not a sponsored post, the kids were challenged to build their house out of Lego for Ocean Loans.



  1. Lita

    23rd June 2016 at 11:02 am

    Wow, Great Lego house for kids. I will buy it for my little son because he loves all this type of mind games. He would love to build houses. I wish you will get your dream home within coming months.

  2. Plutonium Sox

    17th March 2016 at 7:35 pm

    That’s an amazing Lego house! We keep meaning to buy a lego house kit for our girls, they’re always trying to build a house with our rubbish lego set! Having seen this I’m definitely going to invest. I hope you manage to get your dream home soon. We own a house but it’s far from how we want it. We’re keeping fingers crossed for better financial times in the future to decorate it the way we want it, sort out the garden and extend. Not much to ask hey??x

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