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LEGOLAND Discovery Centre “The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure”

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Its been a rather long time since we last visited LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester but this weekend we were invited over to preview their new 4D movie showing now in their cinema.

Lego Movie BannerOur last visit to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre was just short of a year ago so the kids were delighted to go back, after a very early wake up call (5.30am) we made the 2 hour journey over to Manchester to join fellow bloggers when the doors opened at 9am.

Armed with the kids Top Secret Mission packs the kids first stop was the factory tour, here the kids were told by Professor Brick how bricks were made and coloured. At the end of our tour the kids were each given a yellow brick with the LEGOLAND DC logo on and they got to stamp their mission pack.

LegoLand Lego Movie

Our next stop was the Kingdom Quest ride where we enjoyed around in a cart shooting various Lego baddies whilst rescuing the Princess. Afterwards we were made our way through Miniland, full of various buildings, visitor attractions and landmarks from around the UK. The kids really enjoyed seeing various landmarks pointed out to them, although they pointed our Sea Life Birmingham to me (we clearly go there too often!).

LegoLand Lego Movie 1

After leaving Miniland Lewis became massively starstruck, he got to meet Emmet and Wyldstyle, his Lego idols! After a cuddle and a photo we headed in to see the new Lego Movie 4D film.

This short film reunites a couple of the main Lego Movie characters such as Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, MetalBeard and Benny where they are invited to a new theme park (Brick World) where the rides are all remakes of various scenes from the original movie. But things quickly make a turn for the worst when the theme park owner ambushes the team with a secret plot to control Emmet and his friends. With the help of the cinema audience your children use their skills of observation to become Master Builders to help save the day.

LegoLand Lego Movie 3

After enjoying the film and physically extracting the kids from the cinema (they wanted to stay and watch the film again) I eventually coaxed them to enjoy the rest of the attractions that LEGOLAND Discovery Centre has to offer. The kids particularly enjoyed the Lego City Forest Pursuit ride, Merlin’s Apprentice and the Earthquake table.

LegoLand Lego Movie 2We really enjoyed our return to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and hope to return a couple of times this year. It was good to return after the break and see that quite a few bits around the attraction had changed. When we made our way to the exit we notice that the Star Was area has been replaced by a fantastic City Builder area, here you can take a seat and help LEGOLAND create the coolest city ever by building cars, houses or other various creations you can think of.

LegoLand Lego Movie 5

There’s always time for a photo as a cop and robber right?!

The new 4D Lego Movie is now showing at LEGOLAND Discover Centre, a fantastic and gripping watch. If you are looking to book tickets to go to LEGOLAND DC anytime soon I’d full recommend booking your tickets in advance, this is not only to save money but also guarantee you access to the attraction. Ticket prices start from £9.95pp and you even have the option to make a full day of being in the area where you can buy a combi ticket to go to Sea Life Manchester also for £20pp.


**This is not a sponsored post, we were invited to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre for the viewing of the new 4D Lego Movie . All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. susankmann

    16th March 2016 at 5:18 pm

    I love Legoland discovery centre. This looks fab. I wish we lived closer. Looks like there are a few new bits x

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