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Me & Mine – February 2016

I know we are into March now, I’ve been such a bad blogger of late and I have left linking up to Me & Mine until now, I’ve had a rotten headache for the past few days so I have tried to keep off looking at the PC monitor but I now need to catch up a little. For those who don’t know what Me & Mine Project with Dear Beautiful is it is a monthly linky which takes place on the last day of a month, focusing on family immediately around you and also showing various photos from the month. Over time you can watch your own family grow with age (or numbers) whilst also noting down what each family member has been liking for the past month to see your family bloom.

I can’t believe how fast February passed us by, I feel like I only blinked and BAM were now into March! Last month was so cold but also fresh, we started to get outdoors a bit more either in the snow or just on the glorious sunny days which we were greeted with. So here you have it;

Me & Mine - February 2016

We were greeted by a really sunny day for our outing in mid February, armed with my camera, tripod and flash gun we headed out to Coalbrookdale. Were I found the most perfect backdrop for this months photo, behind us you can see the viaduct which served the Ironbridge Power Station. Sadly the power station closed down towards the end of last year and I now presume the viaduct is redundant now too.

Me & Mine - February 2016 1

This month Mummy has liked;

  • Really focusing more on her photography, understanding her camera better.
  • Begun to get her head in place for future business plans when Leah starts school.

This month Daddy has liked;

  • Having his Tuesday afternoons off work so he can watch Lewis and Leah progress in their swimming lessons.

This month Lewis has liked;

  • Really focusing more on his school work, especially maths!
  • Getting out more on his BMX and trying out his skills at our local BMX track.

This month Leah has liked;

  • Getting excited about her birthday which is coming up in Mid March.
  • Getting excited about a sleepover at her best friends house (this weekend).
  • Returning to Thomas Land after the Christmas Break.

This month Teegan has liked;

  • Running around like a mad dog.
  • Chewing bones.
  • Eating.
  • Sleeping.

Me & Mine - February 2016 2

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