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To Leah On Your 4th Birthday

Dear Leah,

I really cannot believe your 4th birthday has come around so quickly!

I think it’s fair to say you have been waiting for this day for sometime, approximately since September when your nursery friends also turned 4 you have been very eager to catch them up.

Today we are starting the day with a morning at home where you get to play with your presents, this afternoon you are going to nursery (armed with sweet goodies to share out) and this evening you have invited some of your closest friends round for a little party/playdate with lots of toys to play with, food and cake to eat.

You are most excited about your birthday party, you have had lots of extravagant plans to celebrate your birthday this year, initially you wanted to go back to Tenerife for your birthday, we quickly had to put a stop to those dreams due to cost. You then began thinking a little closer to home, a trip to Drayton Manor and various play centres close by to us. In the end we suggested a little home party and you were delighted with that suggestion! (Phew!)

Last night you went to bed very excited but in no time at all you drifted off. This was very welcome news to Lewis as he had been waiting very patiently too start decorating the house for you. He has thought a lot about your gifts he wanted to get for you and really wants to make your birthday a special day for you. Very soon myself, Daddy and Lewis had all the banners in place and most importantly the gifts. Lewis cannot wait to see your face tomorrow when you see your gifts.

_DSC9855-2Lewis really wants to be a good helper today, especially for your birthday party tonight. He’s already taken responsibility for the music for pass the parcel, and making sure all your friends have fun playing in the garden.

This past year you have really taken hold of our family, you really can be the ruler at times, if you want to do something we know about it and it don’t want to do something we know even more about it!

Your bike skills (mainly balance bike) really have been fantastic this year so I hope that introducing you to your new bike (without stabilisers) wont be too much of an issue to you. You like watching Lewis riding his bike and I know you would like that kind of riding freedom he experiences, especially on the BMX track. You are very fond of the outdoors just like Lewis so we also got you a new big girl scooter as you were now too big for your learner scooter so we look forward to some great adventures over the upcoming holidays.

You have settled into Pre School wonderfully, your teachers really do like you and you are really looking forward to going into Reception class in September. Next month we get to find out which school you shall be attending, we have high hopes you will be at the same school as your brother but as he isn’t in a school in our catchment area I shall not rest easily until I get that overall confirmation. You will really excel at school, you are so ready for it and I really do have your Pre School teachers to thank for that, you have really blossomed being there.

Birthday CollageThis year you have also begun swimming lessons, after spending much time in a state of jealously over Lewis having his lessons we enrolled you into your classes in September. Your water confidence really has been a slow progress and I mainly put that down to us not having a bath in our house. You enjoy your lessons and its giving you some very important life skill.

Lastly your speech is still a bit of an issue, you recently attended speech therapy again and are now awaiting speech classes which will focus on your pronunciation of  certain letters and words. You can get very frustrated when people don’t fully understand you, more so if Mummy has a problem but I am beginning to notice that some words are starting to be said clearer. You are started to use your tongue and lips to form sounds and sometimes when you say a word clear (which I am not use to) you catch me off guard and I need you to say it again. This is all part of you growing up, you make me proud every single day and I hope you continue to make progress like this before starting school in September.

Today I hope you have a wonderful birthday, make memories and I will try and capture as many as I possibly can to share with you as you grow up.

Happy Birthday Princess.

Love you always.

Mummy & Daddy



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  1. Beth @ Twinderelmo

    23rd March 2016 at 7:08 am

    Happy birthday Leah! Hope she has a lovely party. I love that she wanted to go to Tenerife, what a little darl!!

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