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Reading fellow bloggers blog posts, I sometimes often wonder where they do all their blogging from. Are they blogging whilst relaxed on the sofa, blogging on the go with their laptop perched on the kitchen side or do they have a full desk setup situation going on?

In my early days of blogging I mostly blogged whilst relaxing on the sofa or at our dining table, this was fine with me as it was just me and a laptop working away. As time moved on and I became more serious about my work I started needing a space to work from, to store documents, my diary, notepad and printer – I needed a desk!

This sent me on a little mission to buy a cheap desk, something to get me started to test the water and see if it would work for me, in the end I had a little set up and it really paid off. I felt comfortable at my desk, I could access documents and my diary easily enough, I wasn’t juggling any more.

Kit Out My OfficeInitially my little set up was under the stairs in my hallway but I found it awkward for keeping my eye on the kids as they played in the garden during the summer months so eventually I created this place in the living room. It was ideal as the kids could play out or on bad days they could play indoors and I could work happily knowing I could watch them well. Also this spot was also going to be ideal for Lewis with his school homework, should he need the PC, I could happily watch him. When I first got this desk I had a laptop computer, it was ideal for a while but when my photography came into force my laptop struggled keeping up with the pace, especially after installing the editing software required. So for Christmas ClearlyDaddy treated me to a swanky desktop PC, it is amazing but took up ALOT of space on my already teeny tiny desk.

Kit Out My Office 6

Unfortunately since setting up my desk in the living room using this space came at a cost to the TV set, it was moved into another corner of our lounge which made for awkward seating in an evening so we knew this solution would only be a temporary measure until we came up with a more permanent solution.

Shortly after Christmas my husband declared I was being evicted from the living room, I was causing a nuisance to his TV/PS4 viewing and he wanted his TV back in its original corner… my corner. The easy answer would have to just move to the corner the TV was then situated in but sadly it was a very small corner and didn’t provide enough space for my desk, let alone my drawers.

I was effectively corner-less.

This is where the lovely people at Kit Out My Office came to my rescue, as they believed I needed a decent space for working in, a little place to call my office. They wanted to send me a new desk to use in my new location, so I got to work deciding where I would relocate myself too and also choosing a new desk for me to work from.

I soon came up with this, the UCLIC Aspire Desk with Base Unit and Door, priced at £185 from Kit Out My Office.

Kit Out My Office 1

The desk came flat packed in about 5 boxes to keep all the materials safe from bring spoilt and damaged. Then one morning after the school run Leah and I returned home and like two women possessed we got to work. Within the hour we had my new desk built, Leah loved being “creative” building and she was thrilled with our end result.

Next up we just needed to install my new desk in its new location in the house. I was to be relocated into the dining room which also happens to be home to a fair amount of the kids toy but this room was big enough to make myself a little home here. It didn’t take too long to get moved and my new desk fits in perfectly into my new corner.

Kit Out My Office 2

My new corner

Kit Out My Office 3

I now have plenty of space on my desk for my PC, notebooks, post tray and more!

Kit Out My Office 4

My printer has a new home at the bottom of the draw unit, I don’t know why I didn’t move it here before!

The quality of my desk is amazing, 1200mm wide with a Walnut finish. The legs are A framed for sturdiness and the built in cupboard is perfect for storing my PC tower whilst the shelf currently holds my notepads and press releases.

In all this moving, even my drawers had a bit of a reorganise. I am a bit of a stationery addict, so I needed to ensure my draws were capable of holding all my bits and pieces and I also have a draw dedicated to my ever growing photography gadgets.

Kit Out My Office 5I absolutely love my new working area and my desk, I am comfortable and can actually concentrate better here as I am away from the constant distraction of the TV. My desk is bigger and makes typing, writing and organising a lot better.

Thank you very much to Kit Out My Office for making my blogging a whole lot easier!

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a new desk from Kit Out My Office to write about my working area. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Kim Carberry

    1st February 2016 at 11:59 am

    What a great working place…That desk looks wonderful.
    I blog from my armchair on my laptop….It works for me. I can see the TV and keep an eye on the kids. x

  2. Tracey @ One Frazzled Mum

    1st February 2016 at 9:39 am

    I blog from my sofa/bed most of the time and I would love a little office set up but Olivia has claimed the only place suitable but I am on a mission to find a new blogging space this year!

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