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Trespass Clothing Zane Boys Snow Jacket : Review

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With the Winter Season now in full flow we are waking up to cold, damp mornings. We are wearing layer up on layer to keep warm in the freezing temperatures whilst also keeping our hats, scarves and gloves within close reach to provide extra protection.

One vital item of clothing for children for winter is their coats, ensuring their coat is thick and perfect for keeping their little bodies warm in the biting chilly air. Another vital requirement for their coats is to ensure they are waterproof, ideal for wet school runs or muddy winter walks. Finding that perfect coat can sometimes be tricky, especially when certain manufacturers claim to have a waterproof coat but then find your child is soaked wet through after walking home in the rain (this happened to us only the other week, so much for waterproof!!).

This is where Trespass have really come to our rescue recently after hearing our cries for help and offered Lewis a brand new coat for school which is waterproof, windproof and very well padded for the chilly school runs.

Trespass Lewis

Lewis needed a coat which ticked all boxes to keep him warm, dry and comfortable throughout the winter so when Lewis came to making his choice we headed straight to the Ski Jacket section as these jackets offered a wide range in technologies including waterproof coatings, breathable membranes and wind proofing. Where I live in Shropshire we don’t tend to get much snow so this jacket will most likely not get used for skiing but we wanted to get the best possible out of Lewis’s new coat perfect for our winter adventures (which may include a could of inches in snow, but no ski’s!).

Letting Lewis having a look through the Kids Ski Jacket selection on the Trespass webpage he soon made his selection with the Zane Boys Snow Jacket as found the pattern of this coat to be absolutely amazing and fun with the comic print all over the outside.

Trespass Lewis 2

There are many features to this coat, perfect for the stormy weather of winter.

  • Coldheat System – Works by trapping heat within the padded layers of the coat to keep your child comfortable and dry.
  • Adjustable Stud Off Hood – Ideal for if your child doesn’t want to wear their hood, or in our case when we need to remove snow/leaves which have landed in their during random battles.
  • Water Repellent Zipped Pockets – Perfect for keeping pockets and their contents dry.
  • Snowbreak – The cuffs, hood and waist have poppers/Velcro fastenings perfect for shielding your child’s body from the chill of the wind and snow from passing within the coat.
  • Drawcord – At the waist, perfect for fastening to provide an extra protection from wind and snow.
  • Inner pockets – There are two inner pockets, perfect for keeping important papers dry and safe.

Trespass Lewis 1

This coat appears to be the perfect addition to Lewis’s winter wardrobe and he is very fond of his new coat. Because of his height I ordered this coat in a size 9-10 years as I feared the size 7-8 would have been too small or not lasted for much longer. Its a shame there wasn’t any in-between sizes (8-9 years) but never the less this coat will soon fit him perfectly and will probably keep him going for this years winter and next!

Trespass Lewis 3


Trespass Lewis 4


Trespass Lewis 5

All in all this is a fantastic coat, the protection it offers is fantastic for winter and with the comic print Lewis has enjoyed showing his coat off to his friends in school.

This coat has an RRP of £74.99 but currently is subject to a massive 57% discount making its new price £31.99.


**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a coat of our choice in return for our review. All words and opinions are our own.

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