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Say It With Bears : Review

Leah is a typical 3 year old child, she loves soft toys and loves to have as many in her bed as possible at night. We have many soft toys in our house, each bought for different reasons at different locations each with their own special memory.

Recently we got a new bear to her collection from Say It With Bears. An online bear store with a unique twist, you can order your bears personalised with their own special jumper or hoody with a embroidered special message on the front.

The prospect of a new soft toy was all a little exciting for Leah, and having spent some time pondering over the extensive range Say It With Bears have to offer she finally made a decision to order the JellyCat Bashful Cat.


There are a range of designs to choose from to personalise the bear to your own requirements, choosing from various ribbons, tags and top style (hoody or jumper). You can choose from 4 different coloured tops and also 9 different colour threads for the personalised message. As you can see from our pictures Leah chose the Pink Hoody top with Cerise thread text. Leah wanted to name her cat Jess, from Postman Pat and have her name embroidered onto the hoody. From ordering to delivery took only a couple of days, a really good turn around and came delivered with a couple of greetings cards and birth certificates. You can choose to handwrite the Birth Certificates or have them printed when placing your order.

Say It With Bears

Say It With Bears


Jess stands at 12″ tall (30cm) and is incredibly well made just like the rest of the JellyCat range. Her jumper is fully removable although Leah wouldn’t let me do this as she said Jess was cold!

Say It With Bears


As you can probably tell Leah is delighted with her new soft toy addition and I can assure you Jess has prime place in Leah’s bed right next to DogDog!

Prices for the personalised JellyCat soft toy range start from £21.99 and can be purchased direct online from Say It With Bears. Any bear is sure to make that perfect novelty gift for any child or loved one.


** This is not a sponsored post, we were allowed to create our own personalised JellyCat bear from Say It With Bears. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Kim Carberry

    8th February 2016 at 11:03 am

    Aww! That is just adorable! Leah looks so happy with the new bear!

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