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Me & Mine – January 2016

omIn my quest to find new linkys to join in 2016 I came across 2 which are really perfect for capturing memories by the form of photography. The first linky was Siblings which I joined in with a fortnight ago and the next one is Me & Mine, both linkys are run by Dear Beautiful Blog and really do capture the moment of a growing family.

The idea of both linkys is that each month you take a photo, in this case a family photo. In a couple of months time you can look back on the photos and you will notice just how much your children have grown, its also great for jotting down what things your family are also liking at the time and what you have been up to.

Me & Mine - January 2016We only have the one photo to share with you all this month, with the weather being poor we stuck with a simple indoor studio set up on the sofa. But we do hope to get some fun photos over the coming months on our various outings.

This month Mummy has liked;

  • Really focusing on her blog again after the Christmas break.
  • Returning to Slimming World and making better decisions about her food.
  • Getting into a better routine for the kids evenings with Lewis completing his homework before playing with friends or his toys.
  • Reorganising the kids bedrooms, making more space with the use of high & mid sleeper beds.

This month Daddy has liked;

  • Catching up with friends after Christmas.
  • Enjoying having his TV back in the right place after Mummy’s desk vacated the livingroom.
  • Had a lovely birthday with family.
  • Enjoyed playing with his new wireless subwoofer for the TV and music streamed from his phone.

This month Lewis has liked;

  • Seeing all his friends after the Christmas break.
  • Being back at swimming lessons.
  • Having his bedroom makeover with his new high sleeper.
  • Playing Minecraft with his friend next door.

This month Leah has liked;

  • Seeing all her friends and teachers again at Nursery.
  • Being back at swimming lessons.
  • Enjoying swimming with Mummy, Daddy and Lewis on a Friday evening.
  • Having her bedroom makeover so she can hide in her mid-sleeper den with her Sylvanian Families.
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