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An Afternoon Seeing The Sights Of London

A fortnight ago I was in London with Emma from The Cheshire Wife, we arranged to meet early as possible on the Sunday for an afternoon “sight seeing” in the City before heading off to Toyfair on the Monday. The last time I went sight seeing in London was over 10 years ago when I went with my Mum, so it was nice to return even if only for a couple of hours to see a couple of the sights again.

We saw some of the famous sights but I also tried out my hand at creative shooting. Something I seriously lack in is creativity so this year I am going to try and challenge myself to be a little bit more creative… lets see how I get on.



DSC_7527bThe 3 pictures above were near Tower Bridge, I love the reflections and the repetitive patterns of the windows.





The above 3 pictures were of Tower Bridge at various angles.


The Gherkin


HMS Belfast


The Shard




London Eye

I one day hope to go back to London, when the weather is nicer and clearer to see London from above again. I last went on the London Eye when I was 17.






Various angles of Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament


The morning of Toyfair we were greeted to a lovely sunrise over London, it was nice to sit and watch planes coming into land at Gatwick/Heathrow (not sure which).

I had a good 24 hours in London, it really opened my eyes to city life and brought on some new experiences. Somehow we never got lost on the London Underground and only managed to get away without asking for help once! Since returning I have been showing Lewis the photographs of our my adventure and he would love to go to London sometime soon to see the sights for himself and find out some more about where the Queen lives and what is so special about London. He has been to London before, in 2014 on a day out but he doesn’t remember his trip nor seeing Buckingham Palace which is a shame but gives me more drive to make sure I take him.

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