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Silentnight Comfort Control Heated Mattress Cover : Review

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With Winter pretty much upon us our thoughts turn to keeping warm, not just during the day but also at night when in bed. Wearing extra layers or snuggling down for the night with a hot water bottle and socks to keep our toes warm. Keeping warm in winter can be difficult at times.

Thankfully now with the help of the lovely team over at, they have heard my poor cold toes cries for warm’t and provided us with a Silentnight Comfort Control Heated Mattress Cover to test and review.

Silent Night Heated Mattress Cover

I’ve never owned a heated mattress cover before, I have looked into them in the past as the thought of getting into a nice warm bed at night is just so appealing. There are many features to this product which I am really excited to tell you about. First up this product is compatible with a wide range of mattresses, including memory foam.

This mattress cover is available for single, double or king size mattresses and is really easy to fit, as it works like your normal fitted mattress sheet. Simply install the heated mattress cover over your mattress as the base and them install your usual fitted mattress sheet on top. The skirt to the mattress cover are very large, allowing it to fit on a wide range of mattresses, shallow or deep and with your fitted sheet over the top of it it’ll help keep the cover in place.

Underneath the sheet you will see the heat bars but with this cover in place you do not feel them when you are in bed, the are very thin and not noticeable at all.

Silent Night Heated Mattress Cover 2

When installing the cover you will see that the controllers poke out of the side of the skirt, this should prompt you on the best way round to install the cover onto your mattress so that the controllers are each at the pillow end of the mattress. Each controller is connected under the cover, the controllers can be unclipped to allow you to wash the covers in a washing machine.

There are two layers to this cover, which is super handy if you ever wanted to remove the top layer for a freshen up wash as washing the top layer wouldn’t be connected to any of the sheets electrics so you wouldn’t have to spend a night without your heated mattress cover whilst waiting for it to dry again.

Silent Night Heated Mattress Cover 3

Lastly I haven’t explained why this mattress cover has two controllers nor what they do. This is the best part, you can control your own side of the bed so you can either have your area warmer or cooler than your partners side of the bed making for a more pleasant night.

Not only this but each size of the bed has another “dual zone” feature, allowing you to control the temperature of your body and feet in different zones. So if you are like me and have cold feet you can wack up the heat to full (9) for toasty feet and then have the body section temperature lower for a comfortable night (0). Personally my favourite setting so far has been to have my feet at 7-8 and my body at 3-4.

Lastly you can even set a timer for how long you would want the mattress to be heated for, choosing from 1, 5, 8 or 12 hours. Each setting is easy to control by pressing the appropriate buttons.

I must mention that each controller requires its own power supply so its best to ensure you have a power socket close by to allow you to plug your controllers in, I’d say there is about a meter in length of cable to allow you to plug your controller in.

Silent Night Heated Mattress Cover 4

My Husband and I have now been using this heated mattress cover for nearly a week and it has been amazing! We haven’t had overly cold nights as yet but I am always ensuring that my feet section is preheated and toasty before climbing into bed nightly where as my husband just cranks the heat up regardless and is enjoying the warmth to the max!

This product is available to buy online from with an RRP of £49.99 for a single ranging to £86.99 for a King-Size.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a Silentnight Comfort Control Heated Mattress Cover from to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.


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    27th January 2016 at 3:33 pm

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