Looking Forward To 2016

Happy New Year to you all!!

I hope you all safe and fun celebrations to welcome in the New Year, for myself I had an early night and was tucked up in bed at 10.30pm. I’m not a party person really, it was a quite night in for me, hubby had gone to visit his Dad for the night and came back early this afternoon. The kids slept through the midnight celebrations whilst I was woken so sat at my bedroom windowsill watching all the fireworks at midnight. It was nice to watch all the fireworks, also a nice time to reflect on what 2015 brought me, you can read our blog post, “Looking Back At 2015” here.

This year I am determined to be the same as I was in 2015, I am beginning to live with the theory “my New Years resolution is to never make a resolution again”. I always fail my resolutions, never stick to them and they usually go to pot by the end of the first week. So from now on I am never going to make a resolution again, I am going to continue being the same old me and make life decisions as and when required.

I have a few future plans which I shall be focusing on this year and they are;

Photography; I am loving my camera and for Christmas most of my gifts were photography related. In November my Mother In Law and I swapped Cameras and I am now using the camera my Step Father In Law owned before he passed away. It’s a more advanced camera to what I owned and my Mother In Law struggled to get to grips with it, so we swapped my Nikon D5200 for her Nikon D7100 after passing my courses as I found it easy to use and I knew I could easily get along with it. So I am now very proud of my camera, knowing fully that Mick will be proud of me using it and also coupled with my future plans I know it will be perfect for what I want to achieve. I am determined to make 2016 the “Year Of The Camera”, I am going to build more and more on my skills, I also intend to build on plans to start a photography business with a friend focusing on portrait photography of which I am really looking forward to. Most photography works I shall be sharing on my blog, on my new Photography Page on my blog.

Christmas Photography

Blogging; Following on from last year, I am going to continue growing my blog. I hope to this year also start making an income from my it and coupling it with my Photography I hope to get out and about more featuring more photography related blog posts.

Health; This is still a very cloudy area, as you maybe know I have Endometriosis after being diagnosed back in May. We were hoping to have another child before the condition became too unbearable but sadly the time arrived much sooner than anticipated so we have decided to forgo the “last child” and focus on the family we have, watch my 2 adorable children grow up, look after what we have and build our future. I hope with the help of medication my symptoms will reduce and I can go back to living a calm and pain free life again, this will be an ongoing life condition which will require constant monitoring. Also I shall be returning to Slimming World next week, since leaving my group in the summer I have gained a couple of lb’s, I hadn’t met my target weight either (although I was only 11lb off!!). So next week I aim to return and lose all the weight before I turn 30 in April, I hope to also blog more about my journey, share meals and weekly weight losses with you all, keep an eye out for my updates!

30; Which brings me on nicely to THIS subject… In April I am going to be 30! This is going to be a time I hope doesn’t arrive quickly, I am actually not excited about this birthday at all, I’d rather cry at the thought of it rather than face it. Mentally I still feel like a 15 year old teenager, thinking to the time when “being 30 is so far away and will never arrive” but now I’m a married woman, wife and mother of 2 children. Being 30 is JUST around the corner! The thought scares me! For my Birthday all I can think of is “more photography” I want to go to either London or Edinburgh, either just myself and my husband or as a family of 4. I want to see the sights, photograph memories and enjoy either city at night too.

Holiday; A long side a trip to London or Edinburgh for my birthday we also want another family holiday, another foreign holiday, most likely returning to Tenerife which we were lucky enough to visit last year thanks to Vileda after we won a competition with them! The kids regularly ask when we are going back, they are eager to go and would happily pack a case now and just leave. They have great memories of their holiday (mainly the 6 pools), this time when we return we intend to see more of the island visiting Mount Teide and also some of the local attractions.

May 2015

We also have many other little plans which include new furniture for the house and a possibly house move again may be on the cards this year but time will tell regarding these.

What are your plans (or resolutions) for 2016?

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