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LeapFrog Imagicard Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Review

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Lewis is now in year 2 of school, and he is really making his way through his world of education. He has his good days and his bad, he has his favourite lessons, activities and friends. But this year I have noticed he’s really beginning his journey in Mathematics, he enjoys being challenged with his timetables, simple math equations and number bonds. Recently we attended a chat at school about a new structure to learning, whilst I was listening to this meeting Lewis was sat next to me writing up his 2, 5 & 10 timetables, at the end of the meeting Lewis took this work off to his teacher to show him. I was really bursting with pride and I could tell Lewis was too. Its good to see him really enjoy such a valuable life skill.

With this in mind, I wanted to look at a product which would keep his flame for maths skills alight over the Christmas Break, and with the help of LeapFrog, we have received the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Imagicard game to review and I really think this has helped!


This game is recommended for Children aged 5+ and focuses on the main Mathematic skills of Number Fact Families, Fractions, Multiplication and Division.

Included in the set is;

  • Game Tin
  • Game Download Card & Instructions
  • 31 Play Cards
  • Play Mat

This game is only available for certain LeapPad devices, such as LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad 2, LeapPad3 & LeapPad Platinum.

Imagicard 1

Installing the game onto our LeapPad3 was a doddle, simply access the LeapPad App Centre insert our download code in the Redeem Code section of the store and wait for the download to happen, its so simple!

We then got the play mat laid out in front of Lewis, separated the playing cards into sections labelled at the top of the playmat and away he went. There are 4 types of cards to this game, numbers, fractions, symbol and characters. Following the onscreen instructions he guided the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles through the underground world, overcoming obstacles, controlling all 4 of the turtles separately, learning Ninjutsu and collecting Mutagen.

There are 15 levels to this game, at the end of each level you can then create a pizza with your Turtle pals, following game instructions to make sure you have the correct amount of toppings on the pizza. Toppings get a little bit crazy on this game as you can put jelly beans, spiders, worms and much more on the pizza! When the pizza is baked the Turtles will then dive in, with your childs knowledge of fractions you can then use the fractions cards to scan then into the game to tell how much pizza is left.

There are plenty more opportunities to scan cards into the game, doing this brings parts of the game to life but also with the cards mostly being maths relevant he was building on his math skills whilst also having fun.

Imagicard 2

Lewis really is enjoying playing this game with his favourite Ninja Turtles characters, he enjoys how the game can go from fun to trivial and back to fun within minutes whilst also giving him a grasp of extending his maths knowledge to give him a boost at school.

I also liked how the cards are so easily scanned into the game, it is very responsive to each card and also lets your child know if the wrong card has been scanned. We soon came to learn that you don’t actually need the mat nor the cards to play which is handy should you ever loose one/all or go out on a journey and your child wants to play their new favourite game. There is a button within the game which can be triggered to then select the correct card from within the database. A perfect lifesaver!

As mentioned earlier the TMNT Imagicard Game has an age recommendation of 5+, perfect for any young child starting out their mathematics journey and has a RRP of £19.99, available to buy at most high street toy stores.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were sent the TMNT Imagicard Game to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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