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An Afternoon Outing To Lincoln Hill and Ironbridge

This year we are determined to take more family walks, head off out on a Sunday afternoon wrapped up warm, kids, dog, adults and the camera and enjoy what our local area has to offer! We hope in time to be able to head further a field but we shall see how tricks go with our travelsick pooch. For our first adventure we headed out over to Ironbridge.

Towards the end of last year ClearlyDaddy took the dog out for a big walk, leaving home and walking the back routes to Ironbridge, he wanted to explore the top of the valley, see what was to find and he wasn’t disappointed! Since then I have wanted to head over there with my camera and see what he found.

Here are a couple of photos from our days adventure. Lincoln Hill Walk 0

AGA Factory – Coalbrookdale

We parked just off the road at the top of the hill so that we could have a nice stroll without 2 kids moaning about climbing 200+ stairs, from here there is a walkway and a viewing point which overlooks the AGA Factory – Coalbrookdale, the now retired Ironbridge Power Station and Ironbridge Gorge.

Lincoln Hill Walk 1bBehind the viewing point there was a stone wall, I found this to be a nice background for some photos of the kids. For Christmas I got some new flash guns of which I am getting to grips using.

Lincoln Hill Walk 4

Soon afterwards we arrived at the top of Lincoln Hill and the view was stunning, you can see at the right of the image there is Ironbridge.

Lincoln Hill Walk 7

A closer view

Do you remember thoses 200+ stairs I mentioned… yea, we went down them! The car is at the top of there somewhere *sobs*

Lincoln Hill Walk 8

After trudging back up the stairs, alone(!) I retrieved the car and met my family down in Ironbridge where we enjoyed a little stroll and *ahem* a pasty *ahem*… I’m currently on a Slimming World diet so the pasty was a very naughty treat.

Lincoln Hill Walk 14aTeegan also enjoyed his bit of Pasty!

Lincoln Hill Walk 13a

Testing out the new flash guns again.

Lincoln Hill Walk 17

I hope the water levels go down again soon.

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