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Portable North Pole – Personalised Video Message From Santa 2015 : Review

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For the past 2 years we have reviewed for PNP (Portable North Pole) where I could create my own personalised video message from Santa to Lewis and Leah. My kids really do look forward to their annual video message from Santa. This year we have been invited back again of which we were thrilled and eagerly accepted.

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For those who don’t know about Portable North Pole it is a great service for your children to connect with Santa in the lead up to Christmas. There are a few different methods for this interaction, either by a video message to be played to your child, a phone call and a Christmas Eve Video. To keep the magic alive there is also a Birthday video which can be played again during the year to your child on their Birthday.

There are a couple of packages to choose from, there is the free package enabling you to create a short video message from Santa, a chance to create one premium video package priced at £3.99 or unlock a premium video only pass for £7.99 or the premium GOLD pass for £9.99.

The Premium Video pass includes;

  • Unlimited premium videos which includes 7 videos to choose from.
  • Chance to access last years archived videos.
  • View all your videos in HD.

The premium GOLD pass includes;

  • Unlimited calls with 19 scenarios available
  • Unlimited premium videos which includes 7 videos to choose from.
  • Chance to access last years archived videos.
  • View all your videos in HD.

For our review we were given access to the Premium GOLD Pass and quickly got to work creating the videos for the kids. This year there are 2 new videos and 3 existing Christmas videos, there is also a Christmas Eve Message and Birthday Message.

We shall be focusing on the two new videos for this year.

Video for Lewis I chose the Visit An Elf House video, of which this video can be personalised with the following details, Name (don’t forget to check Santa’s pronunciation), sex of child, photo and age. Next page focuses on your child’s year, daily life, favourite activity, effort asked of the child this year and lastly if they have been nice/almost nice or naughty. Next page focuses on where your child lives whilst the last page focuses on memories of the year and family member names.

For Leah I chose the 2nd new video which is Tour Of The Post Office video. Again this video can be personalised with the same details as above but also including a gift selection area so Leah will get to see what gift she chose at the top of her Christmas list.

Once you have personalised your videos you will have a short wait whilst your videos are being created. You will get an email once videos are ready.

The videos were ready very quickly and here you can now see their video messages from Santa. With the gold package downloads of your children’s video messages from Santa are also included in the charge.

Lewis’s Video

Leah’s Video

This year Portable North Pole is again available on my childrens Android tablet computers, so that they can log in any time and watch their videos over and over again.

This evening the kids have watched their videos over and over and over again. They are thrilled to be on Santa’s nice list this year and are really excited for the upcoming Christmas Day.

PNP Kids

**This is not a sponsored post, we were given a GOLD pass to PNP to test and review their 2015 service. All words and opinions are my own.


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