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Our Family Christmas

Good gosh, another year another Christmas done! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break.

We had a lovely Christmas break but it was the demanding and physically exhausting 3 days of my life, my heads still spinning now and I haven’t stopped since until I literally crash on the sofa at the end of the day.

This Christmas was lovely, spent surrounded by my little family and extended family.

Let me tell you a bit about our Christmas Day. After a late night Christmas Eve , watching films with the kids, preparing gifts (once the kids were asleep), eating mince pies and carrots I hit the sack. As Lewis took some time to drop off to sleep at night I had a very disturbed sleep and with good reason too. At some point I was woken by the patter of feet, Lewis was plodding around the landing, eventually he came through to my room declaring it was morning, Santa had been as there was gifts in his stocking and he wanted to see if he’d been in the living room. I was on the verge of saying “yep that’s fine, time to get up” until I rolled over and actually saw the time… It was 3.50am!!!!! There was no way I would be able to give in and wake the rest of the house up just so that Lewis could curb his excitement. I sent him back to bed for an while with a DVD and told him to get some more sleep.

A short time later (4.15am) Lewis came back through to me, “its morning now Mummy, I can see it getting brighter outside!!”. I could just hear it in his voice he was becoming agitated with excitement so I had to make him come into bed with me so that I could cuddle him to relax him and hopefully sleep some more.

Over the next hour Lewis sang songs (mainly Christmas ones), tickled ClearlyDaddy to wake him up, kicked me and talked NON STOP!!!! In the end I pretended to ignore him to try and get some more sleep, this did eventually work and we did doze off… until Lewis kicked me practically out of bed at 6am in his sleep. I then admitted defeat, knowing there was no way I was going to get any more sleep so I tried to sneak downstairs for a brew before waking everyone up. Lewis sensed the movement in the bed and like the Duracell bunny he jumped from the bed, declaring its now Christmas and proceeding to waking his sister up.

So our Christmas morning started at 6am, after being woken up at 3.50!

The next 6 hours were a blur of excitement, squeals of delight, gifts, paper, toys, boxes, batteries, toast and caffeine… LOTS of caffeine!


Our Christmas meal this year was a joint effort between ourselves and my Mother In Law, to be held over at her house so it was nice to escape the chaos for a couple of hours. With our cooked supplies we headed over for our 2nd Christmas gift unwrapping session and lunch.

Christmas 1Even though we had a lovely afternoon, it is only fair to mention one person who was missing from the event. Earlier in the year we lost Mick, my Step Father In Law, we kept strong and even though he wasn’t with us he was certainly in our thoughts for the whole day… There was certainly an empty space at the table.

Once back home the kids continued unboxing new toys, Lewis continued shooting every aspect of the house with his two new Nerf guns and I set up my Christmas Present from ClearlyDaddy, a new PC. This pretty much saw out our Christmas Day, after a very early start and late finish I was beyond tired.

Boxing Day was a similar day to Christmas Day, more presents, more Christmas food, this time with my family who travelled over from Lancashire. Sadly my Dad was away for this visit as he’s currently on a scuba diving holiday but it was lovely to spend the day with my Mum, Brother and Aunty.

Christmas 2

Again another great day, my kids now own what I could only describe as being the whole of a toy store as they were spoilt rotten and it was so lovely to spend the Christmas break with my family and extended family.

Please do tell me about your Christmas in the comments below.


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  1. Kim Carberry

    29th December 2015 at 11:04 pm

    It sounds like you had a lovely day despite the early start! I think I would have cried being up that early. My girls didn’t get up until after 9! I felt so lucky! 😀

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