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Christmas With The Co-Operative

Last Friday afternoon I set out early afternoon for an evening with The Co-Operative at their Bloggers Christmas Event in Manchester City Centre. On route I collected The MotherGeek and made our way into the City, the traffic was horrendous so it wasn’t to quickest journey and we arrived fashionably late – Sorry Co-Op!!

Up on our arrival we were greeted in reception where we had a quick photo taken and then shown our way upstairs to the event. A large room met us, full of bloggers and beautifully laid tables. We swiftly took our seats not wanting to stir attention to our late arrival.

Co Op Event 1

Soon after it became apparent that we weren’t the only ones running late as we were then joined by the lovely Sally Akins (who lives onto 10miles away from me, small world eh?!), Angela from Days in Bed, Jess from Catch A Single Thought and Charlotte from The Bunfight. A lovely group of new people for me to get to know.

With our new arrivals present we were then presented with some delicious foods to try out. First up we had one of my favourite foods ever, pate!

Truly Irresistible Prawn & Prosecco Verrines

Truly Irresistible Trio of Pate

Co Op Event

I can seriously vouch that the Pate was amazing, by far my favourite was the red currant and was finished off nicely with a very small glass of Chablis as I was driving.

For main course I was greeted by this plate of absolutely gorgeous food.

Loved by us Turkey Breast Joint

Truly Irresistible Whole Side of Salmon with Orange & Cranberries

Loved by us Winter Roasting Veg Truly Irresistible Fruit & Cointreau Stuffing Parcels

Loved by Us Chipolata Wrapped in Bacon

Loved by Us Goose Fat Roast Potato

Loved by Us Carrot & Swede Crush

Loved by Us Cranberry Sauce

Co Op Event 2

The meal was lovely and I can vouch that the Sutffing Parcel was different and very delicious. A must try for anyone looking to try something other that the traditional Sage & Onion Stuffing this Christmas.

Next up we had the Party Platter selection to try, of which we had the following to choose from;

Truly Irresistible Dim Sum Selection

Loved by us Sausage Roll Pinwheel

Loved by us Mini Sticky Sausages with Honey & Mustard Glaze & Popping Crackling

Co Op Event 3

Sadly by this point I was feeling rather full from the previous courses I tried the Dim Sum selection which were lovely and fellow bloggers at the table tried the others. The Mini Sticky Sausages seemed the be very popular!

For dessert we had the following to choose from;

Truly Irresistible Sicilian Lemon and Passionfruit Mousse

Truly Irresistible Millionaires Dessert (mini version)

Truly Irresistible Chocolate and Cherry Liqueur Torte Free From Christmas Pudding

Co Op Event 4

Still feeling rather full I opted to try the Millionaires Dessert which was delicious and it does come in a bigger 750g desert pot, I feel I may need to purchase this for our Christmas Day. I’m not a fan of Christmas Pudding but others at the table said it was the best they had ever tried!

With all our bellies feeling rather full it was then time for the Bloggers Panel, this year questions were fired at Jane from Hodge Podge Days, Sian from Helpful Mum and Louise from Birds and Lillies. A quick fire round of questions, sharing their knowledge and experience with us which was lovely to hear how they have found their way through the blogging world.

Co Op Event 5

With all that done we were then let to mingle, eat cheese and learn how to make the perfect cake in a mug.

Co Op Event 6

Before we knew it, it was 10pm, honestly it felt like 8pm as time went so quick! We were all given a personalised cupcake each and a goody bag before making our way home. In my case I went to my parents for the night of which my Mum quickly started eyeing up all the goodies and I was forced to share the toffee and truffles with her!

Co Op Event 7


I had a fabulous evening, ate delicious foods, met lovely bloggers and gained some great tips in the Blogger Panel discussion. Thank you Co-Operative!

**This is not a sponsored post, I was invited to The Co-Operative Christmas Blogger Event to blog about my evening. All words and opinions are my own.


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