Christmas Traditions

With our family being so young I have a slightly confession to make, we have never made any “Christmas Traditions” as such. We always do the usual Letters to Santa, advent calendars leading up to Christmas, plate of nibbles for Santa and his reindeers on Christmas Eve, open gifts Christmas morning (usually before Breakfast!), Christmas dinner and play the rest of the day out with our new gifts with having some lovely Christmas films on in the background.

As the kids get older I have considered putting some more family Christmas Traditions in place, something to give Christmas that extra meaning to my children.

Christmas Arts & Crafts – I’m not one really for Arts & Crafts, my lack of creativity leaves a lot to be desired and unfortunately I tend to leave the kids schools to deal with all the glue, paints and glitter explosions. We have mostly store bought decorations around the house, and little in the way of items made by the kids. I really should get over this issue of mine and embrace my kids love for paint and glue and get messy with them.

Christmas Eve Boxes – I have never done the kids a Christmas Eve Box, ever! I have seen some fabulous ideas over the years on what to add to a box to give a extra buzz to Christmas Eve. The main ideas to add to a Christmas Eve box, which spring to mind are Christmas PJ’s, Christmas themed book and chocolates. I’d love to do this for my kids this Christmas.

Kids to decorate their own Chocolate Yule Logs – This is something which I am intending to start doing this year, the kids love Chocolate Yule Logs, and it’d be lovely to see what they can do with some cake decorations. Perhaps an idea to get the logs, decorations and add them to their Christmas Eve Boxes??

Christmas Day Walk – My kids love the outdoors, and new toys on their wish lists always include an outdoor toy or two. So the kids make the most of their new outdoor additions we fully intend to have a Christmas Day walk, some fresh air after Christmas dinner so that we don’t fall asleep after too much food!

Christmas Day Board Games – You really cannot beat a fantastic sit down with loved ones playing a good old board game, weather is be kerplunk (a kids favourite), scrabble (a game which always frustrates me as I could never manage more than 3 letter words!) or a good old Christmas family favourite – Monopoly. What I would love to do is get hold of a good vintage version of Monopoly, one I use to play as a child and take a stroll down memory lane. A good place to start looking would be to find a good games company, like Games Quest which specialise in both new or vintage editions.

Boxing Day – Again we have no particular set tradition either for Boxing Day, but we always try to see family on Boxing Day which we didn’t see on Christmas Day. This usually involves more gifts, eating left over Christmas Dinner, playing and more Christmas Films… a second Christmas day!


What traditions do you have in your house?

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  1. traceyb1981

    13th December 2015 at 3:37 pm

    We have a few traditions we do every year like new pj’s for xmas eve, we go to build a bear and have xmas eve boxes too last year was a monster high hamper! Christmas day is spent as a family all dressed up and boxing day is at my mums all dressed down ready to eat and drink loads!

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