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LEGO City Mobile Police Unit (60044) from House Of Fraser : Review

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Lewis is now of an age where he absolutely loves LEGO, he saves his pocket money weekly so that he can buy his new favourite chosen LEGO sets and new sets are always at the top of his wish list’s when it comes to Birthdays or Christmas.

Recently Lewis has been saving his pocket money for this, the LEGO City Mobile Police Unit and with the help of House Of Fraser he was gifted a set to build.

Lego Police Unit

Recommended for children aged 5-12 this set is for older children who are ready to begin their Lego building adventures and also have a keen eye for following instructions. Consisting of 375 pieces, over 3 bags and 3 books your child can construct their very own Mobile Police Unit complete with police men, a robber and a crime scene.

Lego Police Unit 1

Whilst Lewis was at school I took a look at the books, and what I have noticed from when I was younger is that each step gives you a help section telling you what bricks you will need for that page. Once Lewis was home from school he absolutely couldn’t wait to get started, like a kid with a new toy the thought of making him wait to start building was worth negotiating.

Lego Police Unit 2

First up he built the front cab of the Police Unit but before the evening was out he had the whole set complete, in total it took him about 2 hours to build.

The set consists of front cab and trailer surveillance unit, the rear of the trailer hold the jail where your bad guy will go when he is caught. The main section of the trailer is for your police men to do their surveillance to track their bad guy whilst the front of the trailer is storage for holding the guards and other accessories. Under the trailer there is a bracket which when lowered means the trailer can stand without the front cab in place.

Lego Police Unit 4

In the main section of the trailer there are two slide out boards, one of which is a navigation board and the other a coffee machine. These are quirky little hidden novelties of the set.

In the front cab there is one seat for the driver, the trailer connects to the cab for your officers to then return their captured bad guy to the Lego City Police Station (available in another set).

Lego Police Unit 3

This LEGO City Mobile Police Unit set has an RRP of £29.99 which is good value for money, considering it provides hours of play, opens up and packs away again neatly. Lewis is absolutely delighted with his LEGO building choice, thoroughly enjoys driving his police unit and trailer around the house and is thrilled he can set up crime scenes to capture his bad guy.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a LEGO City Mobile Police Unit to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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