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SEA LIFE Centre Manchester – Spooky Seas

Fancy enjoying Halloween with a difference? Enjoy Halloween under the sea with SEA LIFE Centre Manchester with Spooky Seas!

Spooky Seas

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Halloween beneath the Ocean!

If you are looking for a scare, look no further, SEA LIFE, Manchester offers more mysterious creatures and spooky delights than your average Halloween party.

Although everything is not what it seems, some of the scariest looking creatures are actually some of the most sensitive creatures in the ocean.

The list of creatures on display includes;
Vampire Tang, Blood Shrimp, Rays and Sharks, bioluminescence (glow in the dark) Pinecone fish, Black Durgeon (which have ‘wings’ that make them look like bat vampires), creepy crabs, Porcupine blowfish, Venomous Lionfish, Moray Eel, Moon Jellies and even the famous giant Japanese Spider Crab with a claw span of 1 metre.

Despite the appearance of this vast array of creatures, visitors will learn a key message that in the sea, it is we humans who are the real monsters!

In addition to the nations attempts to reduce plastic bag use, they will highlight some of the horrors that pollution, over-fishing and other human follies are inflicting on the marine world.

There will be lots of fishy fun too, of course…including a novel pumpkin hunt, a Yucky Dip, spooky fact finding, paper lantern making, crafts and fancy dress. To find out more visit SEA LIFE Manchester Webpage.

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