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Scruffs Women’s Executive Jacket : Review

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Recently the temperature has taken a tumble, the sun doesn’t warm me up like it did and all the leaves are starting the fall from the trees. Certainly a sign that Autumn is upon us and that means Winter won’t be far behind.

When temperatures drop, our thoughts turn to our winter wardrobes making sure we have plenty of woolly jumpers and also a nice new coat perfect for keeping us snug and warm. This is where the people at Scruffs offered to help me out by providing me with a new coat from their woman’s workwear range.

Scruffs Coat

I was provided with this Womans Executive Jacket, in a size 16, RRP of £49.95 inc VAT. I’ve been after a coat like this for a number of reasons, this style has been rather fashionable over the past few years but also it is immensely practical to me and my lifestyle. It is a hardwearing jacket, made from 100% Ripstop Nylon perfect to prevent from tears in the material and makes it long lasting.

Scruffs Coat 1

Upon on first impressions of my new jacket I must admit I am incredibly impressed with it the stitching is incredibly neat and is very well made. The Jacket is fully fleece lined which provides wonderful warmth and comfort which also adding an extra wind resistance factor. Equipped with ribbed cuffs means there will be little heat escaping from the sleeves, thus keeping your arms warm and light reflective pockets help your be noticed on the dark evenings.

It promotes a double front zip, one zip being pink and the second black which makes the jacket look rather stylish but it provides superb wind protection as the added layer of zips means there is less chance of a wind chill through the jacket as the cotton from the zip material won’t provide any wind protection.  Whilst also providing you with not 2 but 4 pockets, 3 are external to the coat and 1 internal. The external pockets are located, 2 in the standard side pockets but the extra 1 is a chest pocket located on the left side. The internal pocket is again located on the left and is rather deep, perfect for storing my mobile phone on rainy days to give it extra water protection.

The high neck on this jacket is again perfect to provide protection against wind chill and the fleece lining even extending to the hood this will certainly help keep my ears warm on the bitterly cold winter mornings

Scruffs Coat 2

So, what’s it like to wear? I hear you ask… it’s absolutely lovely. I ordered my coat in a size 16 which is actually a size up from my dress size but this is something I always do, it means I can bulk up underneath my coat should I need to. This jacket provides excellent room for movement, is really comfortable and very practical for my dog walking days whilst still looking fashionable for day to day wear.

Scruffs Coat 3

With this coat being priced at £49.95 I find this a very reasonable price to pay for everything is provides and its on par with other competitors coats which are priced significantly higher. I am very pleased to have found Scruffs, even my husband has his eye on a coat from them now as he needs a new coat this year.

Scruffs are available to purchase online or there is a dealer location on the homepage of the Scruffs Webpage as you can find them mainly at your local Jewson’s, Wickes and Screwfix stores and many more places.


** This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with an Woman’s Executive Jacket to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.


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