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National Sea Life Centre Birmingham : Octonauts Training Academy Event

We are certainly enjoying our time being Ambassadors for National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham this year we love hearing of all the great events they are planning on hosting and sharing them with you all.

A great new event which has arrived this weekend comes from the Octonauts Training Academy and will be available for you all to see until the 7th November 2015.

Octonauts Training Academy

We were invited along last weekend to see what this event has to offer whilst taking in the sights of what Sea Life Centre Birmingham has to offer.

Upon our arrival the kids were handed a mission sheet and a selection of stickers to fix to aside the completed missions. We then began our journey.

Sealife Octonauts

Walking around you came across the “missions”, there wasn’t much to do apart from read the boards and then affix your sticker but the kids were really entertained by it. You also got to learn various facts about sea animals such as “An Octopus has 3 hearts and blue blood” and “it’s a Seahorses Dad that gives birth to the babies, not mum” – Lucky Mum!

Sealife Octonauts 1

Roughly half was round our adventure we came across Tweaks Craft Zone where the kids got to take a break and do some colouring.

Sealife Octonauts 2

At the end of our adventure the kids got to meet Peso, which they were absolutely thrilled about as they do really enjoy watching Octonauts.

Sealife Octonauts 3

We really did enjoy our time venturing around the Octonauts Training Academy Event.

As I said earlier the Octonauts event is on at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham from the 18th October to the 7th November, a perfect outing for your kids this half term. To avoid disappointment you can arrange to book your tickets prior to attending to guarantee entry at your chosen time, head over to the Sea Life Centre webpage to book your tickets today.

Sealife Octonauts 4

**This is not a sponsored post, we were invited to attend The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham Octonauts Training Academy Event to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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