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Leapfrog Scouts Build & Discover Toolbox : Review

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We have been putting another Leapfrog toy through its paces recently, this time we have been trying out the Scout’s Build & Discover Toolbox.

Recommended for children aged 2+ this toy promotes key learning skills such as, colours, counting, building and tinkering with the use of the useful tools provided your child will improve their hand-eye coordination by dismantling and constructing Scout’s Toolbox.

LeapFrog Build & Discover ToolBox

Contents of this toy include;

  • 1x Toolbox
  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • Spanner
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Batteries (AA) included in the set.

LeapFrog Build & Discover ToolBox 1

The tools are really easy to grip for little hands and with the nuts and bolts being loose fitting too there is no struggling involved. Each of the nuts, bolts are not removable from the toolbox itself meaning there are no lost parts and they make a clicking noise when they are being loosened or tightened. The only part of the set which is fully removable is the handle at the top of the toolbox, this is really easy to fix back into place afterwards.

Eventually your child will have mastered the art of DIY and Scout’s Toolbox has been flattened to look like a house, its a shame a little mini figure Scout wasn’t included so that your child could pretend that Scout lives there.

LeapFrog Build & Discover ToolBox 2

Leah really has taken to this toy well, she likes constructing and dismantling Scout’s Toolbox and playing along with the instructions which Scout gives out by pressing his door button on the front of the toolbox. Its also worth pointing out that Leafrog really have hit the nail on the head (get it?!) by having a low and high volume setting on this toy.

When your child has finished playing and it’s time to tidy up this toolbox comes with its own storage provision by simply building up the box and placing all the tools inside. Ready for use another day.

To give you more of an idea how this toy works I have put together a video review of this product which you can find below.

As mentioned earlier the Scout’s Build & Discover Toolbox has an age recommendation of 2+, perfect for any young child with an imagination for construction & tools and has a RRP of £17.99, available to buy at most high street toy stores or online.


**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with the Leapfrog Scout’s Build and Discover Toolbox to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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