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Lilly & Sid Logo Tops : Review

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Children grow at an alarming rate, both physically and mentally. Both my children are 3 and 6 and are both conscious of what they want to wear and (sometimes) what item and clothing matches another item. They like making their own decisions in a morning what they are going to wear for that day.

My children are very fond of t-shirts which have logo’s, prints or something attractive on them which they can show friends or family so when Lilly & Sid offered for each child to have a Logo’d top each I knew they wouldn’t be disappointed with what they got.

Lilly & Syd 2

For Leah, she received the Night Queen Owl Glitter Top, size 4-5 priced at £20 and it is adorable. I was immediately taken with the style and texture of this top. Its made from 100 % cotton jersey fabric which it’s thick material means it is perfect for keeping Leah snug and warm over the chilly Autumn/Winter months. This top comes with striped pattern, a pink detailing around the neckline and the ever so familiar L&S Logo on the wrist, whilst the Owl golden glitter logo on the chest of this top makes it really appealing and unique.  Such a pretty design for a girl.

Lilly & Syd

For Lewis, he received the London Relics Applique Top, size 7-8 again priced at £20 which is amazing. Again like Leah’s top this t-shirt is also made from 100% Cotton jersey material as has the same thickness feel. The corresponding blue colourings to the sleeve and torso blend with each other perfectly whilst the red bus with skeleton logo on the chest really finishes this top of wonderfully. A perfect design for a boy.

Lilly & Syd 1

The kids were really chuffed to receive their new tops and quickly set about trying them on.

Now please bear in mind my children are not of your average 3 & 6year old height, they are both tall for their age so it is best sticking with the size of clothing you usually buy for your children. Leah is now going into size 4-5 clothing so her t-shirt fits her perfectly, the length of torso and sleeve is great and has a good room left for growth over the coming year. Whilst Lewis is actually not far finishing with his sizes 7-8 years so I know he may just be able to get part of this Autumn/Winter from his top but it certainly wont last beyond that before he grows out of it. Unfortunately Lilly & Sid clothing finishes for children in clothing sizes 7-8.

Lilly & Syd 3

Both of the kids new tops are washable on a 40 degree cotton wash cycle, wash, dry and iron wonderfully with no colour or detail loss at all – And even more important, no shrinkage!!

Be sure if you are looking for t-shirts for your children this Autumn and Winter to head over to Lilly & Sid to check out what unique styles they have in stock, their range is available in sizes from birth to 7-8 years and includes much more than tops.


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