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Interplay Snail World : Review

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Recently we have been enjoying time in the garden, we’ve had a bit of a spruce up which has seen us relocate the kids trampoline to a better area of the garden to prevent it from killing the grass so much and we’ve also removed a few bushes (and plenty of weeds).

Whilst this work has been carried out the kids have really taken to the bugs of the garden, from woodlice to ladybirds and also slugs and snails. So much so the kids regularly made their own home for snails in watering cans (empty of water, may I add!) but their little “pets” kept escaping so when Interplay asked if I wanted to review one of their toys from their My Living World collection I knew instantly that the Snail World would be a real hit with the kids.

Snail World

This set includes;

  • Clear Tank with Lid
  • Pipette
  • Forceps
  • Magnifying lens
  • Instructions

This fascinating kit is all designed for you to set up and create your own mini world. You can discover what snails like and don’t like whilst watching them closely. Using our comprehensive guide written by Nick Baker the kids couldn’t wait to get to work and construct their own little world for their “pets”.

Snail World 1

After lining our tank with mud, moss, grass and leaves the kids then got to work collecting a snail each to add to their tank whilst I prepared a small selection of fresh cucumber and apple for our new guests to nibble on.

Snail World 2

The kids had fun finding their new snail friends, we did happen to choose a wrong time to collect them in the middle of the afternoon when it was sunny and warm rather than cool and damp. But soon the kids hard work paid off and they were rewarded with 2 small garden snails who once added to the tank with the forceps soon set about making themselves at home in their new tank.

To start off with the snails didn’t come out of their shells as we’d put the lid on their tank and it had got too warm but moving the tank indoors and allowing them to cool down and adding some moisture to the tank they soon sprung to life and lived happily in their tank for the day before setting them loose again at the end of the day to return to their natural homes.

Interplay’s Snail World is recommended for children aged 5+ and has a RRP of £9.99 which is perfect for all your bug loving little ones!


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