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Holland & Barrett Healthy Kids Omega 3 Fish Oils : Review

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With Leah being a fussy eater I have to remember to top her up on her multivitamins to make sure she has all she needs vitamin wise to stay healthy. During her baby and toddler phases I had to get vitamin drops for her and hide them in her juice. But now I am fortunate she has taken to chewing on pastilles which makes getting her vitamins into her very easy. It is very important though to keep Leah’s faith in her vitamins they need to be soft and Blackcurrant flavoured whilst Lewis likes orange pastilles.

When Holland & Barrett got in contact with me offering their new range of Healthy Kids Omega 3 Fish Oils to try I was happy to accept as their vitamins were chewy capsules and available in both Juicy Orange and Bursting Berry – A winner in the eyes of my children!

Holland & Barrett Vitamins

Recommended for children aged 3+, both tubs contain not 30, but 60 capsules with the idea that your child chews 2 capsules daily.

Nutritional Values


With winter coming up, sees the arrival of winter germs. I like to make sure my children are boosted with their vitamins to help fight off winter bugs. This range of vitamins contain vitamins to promote a Healthy Heart, Brain & Vision. They really do seem like the ideal capsules for any child of a school age.

Holland & Barrett Vitamins 1

The Taste Test

With a positive attitude both kids immediately got to work with trying out their new vitamins, but things quickly took a decline. Initially they both struggled to pop the capsules with chewing and Leah decided to spit hers out and have anything else to do with our experiment, the texture wasn’t for her. Lewis persisted until he managed to get his to pop, and then he was overwhelmed with such a bitter taste he also couldn’t finish his off. Both children have since refused to try the capsules again.

I later tried both capsules, the Orange capsules are certainly very bitter whilst the Blackcurrant weren’t quite as bad and did have quite a nice taste to them. I can only presume the bitter taste comes from the fish oils but we certainly didn’t like the Orange at all.

These vitamins are available to buy from your local Holland & Barrett store priced at £7.49 for the Blackcurrant Capsules and £7.29 for the Orange.

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