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I feel one main focus of making a house a home is having beautiful interior decorations, from photo frames, to ornaments to curtains/blinds. We have now been living in our rented property for 2 years and one room which has been rather neglected is the kitchen (I hate cooking so try to spend little time here), I have a nice Orchid plant on the window sill but this room has open windows and has never seen a blind/curtain in a very long time. That was until Web-Blinds got in contact to ask me to review.

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The kitchen is on the rear of my property and is also sun facing so during the hottest days in summer it can be rather unbearable. I have not been able to provide some shade in the kitchen until now.

Web-Blinds offer made to measure blinds, in a range of styles and colours suitable for any room of the house. We followed a simple instruction guide on how to measure our window prior to placing our order.

We decided to order a roller blind for our kitchen as it would take up less space on our window sill and I’d be able to open the blind fully when cooking or watching the kids play in the garden. Our Coffee Shop roller blind arrived within days and I was so pleased with the finished piece and the speed of service.

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During our ordering process we were able to style our own blind to our requirements, making various style choices from what colour our chain would be and which side our chain would be, to having a shaped edge and having a weighted bottom pole. All these options really made for a individual touch to our blind which we felt would be much more unique to our kitchen.

The blind arrived with everything for a successful fit, the blind was fully set up for us all we had to do was set up the brackets to the edge of our window and install the blind in place. For this I left ClearlyDaddy with the How To Fit instructions provided on the Web-Blinds webpage whilst I had to go to work. A couple of hours later I came home to amazing results (I didn’t worry about his handy work at all, honest!).

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We are very pleased with our new blind in the kitchen, providing that extra bit of security to our house, shade in a warm kitchen in the summer heat and its wonderful design really has added a wonderful touch.

In total our blind has an RRP of £50.64 which I feel is really good for the extra specifications we added to our order and the personalised finished touch. The Coffee Shop roller blind has a starting price of £35.86 and are ready for your order today!


**This is not a sponsored post, Web-Blinds provided us with a custom made blind of our choice to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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