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Family Outing… Up The Wrekin!

We do enjoy family outings, the cheaper the better and utterly top marks if its free! One place right on our doorsteps, which is free is The Wrekin. The summit of The Wrekin is 1335feet (407meters) above the Shropshire Plain and from up here you get some stunning views for absolute miles. Its a very popular walking location for dog walkers, hill climbers, families, photographers and people generally looking to keep/get fit.

We try to get a couple of visits in a year, mainly when the weather is nice, warm and the views are good. We take a little picnic with us, the dog and spend a couple of hours up there taking in the sights (and the moans of the children!). I took is as a prime opportunity to blow the cobwebs off my DSLR and get practising since finishing my photography course getting to grips with all the manual settings and also trying to unearth some creativity.

Here are a couple of photos from our climb this weekend;

Wrekin Climb 0a

Wrekin Climb 13a

Wrekin Climb 14a

Wrekin Climb 1a

Wrekin Climb 2a

Wrekin Climb 4a

Wrekin Climb 5a

Wrekin Climb 6a

Wrekin Climb 7a

Wrekin Climb 8a

Wrekin Climb 9a

Wrekin Climb 10a

Wrekin Climb 11a

Wrekin Climb 12a

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