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Becoming An Allergenius with and Hotpoint

On Wednesday we were invited over to ThinkTank Birmingham for an event with, here we were to become “Allergeniuses” with the help of Hotpoint. I was certainly rather eager to attend this event as I unfortunately missed an event with them earlier in the year due to travelling distance. I was delighted to find out they were holding an event closer to home as I live with two hayfever sufferers (possibly three, time will tell) I really wanted to know about helping reduce my families suffering during the high pollen seasons and also learn about the range of products Hotpoint have to offer to help combat allergy sufferers symptoms.

Our session brought us three sessions, all attendees were split up into groups for these. Our first session was all about the products and what they offer. First up the washing machine (model number WMAC363, which I believe isn’t released yet!), this offers an 8kg wash load, super silent washing and has a built in allergy cycle to the eco function. The tumble dryer (model number TDHP871, again I believe its not been released yet) can be used either hosed or as a condenser dryer to multi use, ideal for bedding which when hung outdoors can collect pollen in the fibres causing suffering to allergy sufferers. Lastly was the hoover (I failed to acquire the product number for this), this hoover has a multi function ideal for allergy suffers, it can be operated bagged or bag-less and the filter is removable and machine washable for top quality cleaning at all times. Whilst we were being shown the range the kids were kept entertained, playing “cleaning” themed games which they all enjoyed.

AO Event

Next up was session two, spring flower making… these flowers were made from arts & crafts materials which Lewis really got stuck into making. You can even learn to make your own here.

AO Event 1In the last session the kids got to go on a dust mite hunt in a makeshift livingroom and do a spot of colouring. Each dust mite the kids found had an allergy hint on the reverse. The kids really did enjoy tearing up the livingroom collecting the mites.

AO Event 2

After such a busy and productive morning we were then unleashed into ThinkTank to take in the sights of their Science Museum. Unfortunately we only got to stop a short time but we really did enjoy what we saw and shall be returning again in the near future.

AO Event 3

A fab event at an even fab location, thank you so much and Hotpoint.


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