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Back To School Stationery Check List With The Works

Now that summer holiday are in full flow my attention has started to turn towards preparing for Lewis’s return to school in September. Lewis shall be going into year 2 when he goes back to school and with him being in Infant School he’s not required to take in his own stationary, I know when he goes to Junior School he will be allowed to take in pencils/pencil case and accessories and then in Secondary School he’ll be able to take in pens and all other stationary required.

Kids always want the best when it comes to stationery, in conjunction with The Works I am putting together a Top 12 Check List of stationery to make your child, any age stand out from the rest.

Back To School CheckList

1. School Bag

A school bag isn’t just a bag, lets face it, its a fashion statement. Kids want the best school bag possible and it needs plenty of space for carrying lunch, books, PE kit and shoes. This Walls Starship Shoulder Bag is perfect for meeting all them needs and is priced at £10.

School Bag

2. Pens And Pencils

The Works have a good selection of Pens and Pencils to choose from, starting from single items priced at 59p perfect for making your own stationery selection or novelty pens for showing off!


3. Pencil Case

Another fashion statement has got to be the pencil case, you don’t just want a boring case/tin, you need something that screams WOW! From bright ones to fluffy ones you will find what you need and so will your parents with prices starting from as little as 59p!

Pencil Case

4. Notebook

You cannot be without a good notebook, perfect for lessons, jotting down notes and coursework and with The Works fabulous range available you cannot go wrong. With prices starting as little as 59p for an exercise book, £2.99 for a Refill Pad and £1.00 for a wire bound notebook they are perfect.


5. Dictionary

Something every child will need in their lives is a dictionary, perfect for getting spellings correct in coursework or just to have a good old read. You could even brush up on some foreign languages with their range of French, Spanish or German dictionaries too.


6. Scribblicious

The Scribblicious range is all about standing out of the crowd, that something different and vibrant. From Notepads, to pen sets and highlighters you will find that something different here.


7. Sketch Book

For all the budding artists out there, The Works have an excellent Arts & Crafts section as you will find out in points number 7 – 10. Sketch Books came in an array of sizes from brands such as Boldmere, Crawford & Black and The Works own brand. They are also for a range of abilities from young starters, to budding artists and professionals.

Sketch Book

8. Paints

Perfect for any stage in art, The Works stock paints for any age, starting as little as £1 a pot.


9. Paintbrushes

After you have bought the paper and the paints, you need the paintbrushes. Again available in a range of abilities from first brushes to artistic brushes and with prices starting as little as £1 they are really competitive.

Paint Brushes

10. Canvasses

For the perfectionist, the talented and budding artists The Works stock an excellent range of Canvasses to create your masterpieces and display them for all to see. All at excellent prices you cannot go wrong.


11. School Books

For any stage of education, The Works stock an incredible amount of educational books, from phonics, to counting, writing practise, tying shoe laces and GCSE biology you really need to take a look before going anywhere else!

School Books 3

12. Crafts Stuff

The fun stuff, for little fingers to grown up fingers a part of The Works which always catches my attention when in store, perfect from creating pieces of art or personalised creations for family there is something for everyone.

Arts Stuff

As you can tell, The Works stock a massive range of stationary/Back To School supplies. When you are out and about with you little ones make sure you call by your local store to make sure your not missing out on their great prices.

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