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Tiggly Shapes : Review

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Back in February we were introduced to Tiggly, first of all we reviewed Tiggly Counts which your child uses to help counting and math problem solving on a tablet computer. A few months down the line and my daughters math skills have drastically improved, she knows which count blocks to use at the right time and also can solve simple math equations.

Now we have been introduced to Tiggly Shapes which again works with various apps on my daughters tablet computer and we could wait to get stuck in. We were also greeted in our delivery with a new plush for Leah, meet Tiggly;

Tiggly ShapesThe idea with Tiggly Shapes is for your child to get creative with their own pictures and stories and also have fun whilst learning shapes, animals and sounds. All this can be achieved with 3 different apps which use these toys. Tiggly Shapes requires no wifi, batteries or bluetooth to use, they are all activated using the sponge pads on the bottom of the shapes, perfect for keeping little ones entertained on journeys or away from home. The shapes are firm but also soft to touch, perfect for little hands and keeping screens safe.

First up I shall tell you about Tiggly Safari this I recommend as a starter app for the youngest of players. Here your child will go on a farm or safari adventure whilst learning about different animals by matching up the shapes on the screen to the shapes in their hands, placing the correct shape on the screen of their tab will create their farmyard or safari animal. Sometimes numerous shapes may be required to make an animal as you can see below the Owl and Rooster were created using the star shape whilst Elephant was created using a circle and two squares.

Tiggly Shapes 2In time this app will create shape, animal and sound recognition for your child whilst also building on their problem solving and hand-eye co-ordination as animals become more complex for them to create. This app is available on both Google Play and iTunes.

My next recommended stage is Tiggly Stamp, this app allows your child to get creative with storytelling or even just creating a mountainous/snowy scene filled with various items. You can create many different pictures, using your shapes to see which item you will be presented with next and then moving them around the screen to your required location. With your completed image you can save the image or even record a narration telling a story whilst moving characters around. Tiggly Stamp will record your child’s then video to be watched time and time again.

Tiggly Shapes 1This app enhances your child’s shape awareness building up to a more imaginative play allowing your child to really get to embrace their creations. This app also allows your child to share their creations by email or even on social media and again is available on Google Play or iTunes.

Lastly there is Tiggly Draw, where your child is able to really get creative and design what ever they like. Using the shapes as they require and the extra tools your children can give their shapes life. As you can see from my creation below you can choose from many provided tools by tapping through them and then dragging your chosen tool to your creation – here is my tap dancing pig!

Tiggly Shapes 3An extra tool is the ability to be able to change the canvas colour, by tapping the multicolour block at the top right of the screen giving your child more creative control. This app’s main purpose is to give your child a boost with their creativity and fine motor skills and again is available on both Google Play and iTunes.

We have been using this product across our three apps for the past week and Leah is really enjoying her time with it. Aged 3 Leah has grasped shapes and animals but is just coming onto her creative side of thinking. Her favourite app at the moment is Tiggly Safari but she is becoming more aware of what Tiggly Draw provides to let her get creative.

Tiggly Shapes 4A good thing about Tiggly is that you don’t need to have the shapes to embrace the apps, you can use the apps to their near full advantage by using the tool-bars provided when you turn the shapes off. The only disadvantage is that your child is looking out on their mental thinking aspect of choosing a shape by their side to place on the screen but they can choose a shape at the side of their screen and drag it to where required.

Tiggly Shapes 5

Tiggly Shapes are currently available online with an RRP of £24.99 and also have a fab product launch scheduled with QVC for the 24th July at 9am!


**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with the Tiggly Shapes set and Tiggly Plush in return for our review. All words and opinions are my own.

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