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Princesses Come To Town With Leapfrog : Party Review

Ever since my eldest child was a baby, we have always enjoyed owning and playing with Leapfrog products, I firmly believe they are well built and because they feature their “trademark” characters (Scout/Violet) it makes children identify Leapfrog products alot easier. Over the past 6 years we have owned many of these products including My First Scout (& Violet), LeapReader Junior and LeapReader Pen, Read With Me Scout and so so much more!

Now we work with LeapFrog and having built such a fantastic relationship with them and our love and passion for Leapfrog has really lept to new limits over the past 12 months or so.

So much so at the beginning of this month we were offered to host a LeapFrog Princesses party we were delighted and eagerly accepted! Leah is now 3 and really her life does revolve around princesses, she loves watching her favourite Disney princess films, dressing up as her favourite characters and even at times requests I call her Princess Leah (mainly when we are out in public!).

For our party all I was told is that it would be Princess themed, Leapfrog related and we needed Leah and 3 other guests for our gathering. You could imaging my shock when all this arrived!

Leapfrog Princess Party

The contents of our party kit included, 4 Disney Cinderella dresses from The Disney Store, Leap TV with Sofia The First Game, LeapPad3 with The Little Mermaid Game, 2 books for the LeapReader (Tangled and Cineralla) and a whole range of party accessories (including table cloth, cups, plates, straws, balloon, tiaras, masks and banners.

A few days later I had arranged friends to come round to enjoy our little Princess Party, Leah was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for her friends to arrive. The kids were delighted and quickly got to work playing dressing up and enjoying their favourite games.

Please do excuse the lack of photo’s, unfortunately I took majority of the photos from the party on my phone which was stolen the day after. Fortunately I had managed to snap some on my SLR.

Leapfrog Princess Party 1aFirst up the kids decided to play with the Leap TV set which was supplied with the Sofia The First Educational, Active Video Game, aimed at children aged 3-5. Leah’s friends are big fans of Sophia The First, so naturally this game went down a storm. There are various activities with this game, you can help Sofia in the garden growing and collecting flowers, fly with Minimus, go sledging to collect diamonds. Each game promotes a great opportunity for your child to enhance their phonic skills, also their vocabulary and number skills whilst helping Sofia on her quests.

Leapfrog Princess Party 3Next up was time for the LeapPad3, previously we have owned a LeapPad2 so it was nice to see what has been changed in their upgrades (all of which shall be covered in my upcoming review). With our LeapPad3 we were provided with another cartridge game, this time The Little Mermaid Learning Game aimed at children aged 4-7 years. The Little Mermaid is one of Leah’s absolute favourite films at the moment so this game has naturally gone down a storm with her. Using your children’s knowledge of numbers, addition/subtraction, shapes and patterns they have to help Ariel on her quest to swim through the seas to meet her charming Prince Eric. This game at times has proven to be a little advanced for Leah, but aged 3 this hasn’t put her off as we play it together.

Leapfrog Princess Party 2Lastly was the LeapReader which we have been using for sometime now following our review in January 2014, this is a very popular piece of kit with Lewis improving him reading/writing skills. For this we were provided with 2 books, Tangled and Cinderella both books aimed at children aged 4+. These books were very popular with Leah’s friend Chloe, who enjoys her reading and most importantly Cinderella! Each books enhance your child’s knowledge of phonics and also encourage word pronunciation skills, with other 500+ audio responses throughout the book and also difference games/challenges along the way your child is bound to enjoy these books.

Leapfrog Princess Party 4We all had a fantastic party and the kids were delighted to become princesses. All Leapfrog products supplied for our party will be covered again in separate reviews and video reviews in due course.


**This is not a sponsored post we were provided with a party kit from LeapFrog to celebrate all things princess. All words and opinions are my own.

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