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CaseApp : Review

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Towards the end of last year you may recall I reviewed for CaseApp, I designed and created my very own skin for my laptop. I am very pleased to report this skin is still firmly attached to my laptop and looks just as good as new!

Following on from my review, CaseApp asked if I would like to review again for them, this time focusing more on the mobile phone case side of things. I was more than happy to accept. I happily trotted along to the CaseApp to begin my work, but then I fell across a stumble. CaseApp only make cases for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Samsung devises. My phone is a Sony handset, this left me with an issue… ClearlyDaddy was going to have to be the recipient of the new case.

Recently we had been on holiday, I snapped lots of gorgeous photos for him to choose from but in the end he decided a lovely photo of the kids was to be the one for his new case. Placing our order was so easy, we selected his handset on the webpage and uploaded our image.

CaseAppYou can personalise your case to how you would like it, you can create a case collage, uploading numerous of your favourite photo’s to design your new case. You can also change the background colour of your case, insert clip art (of which there is a huge range to choose from) and also insert text. ClearlyDaddy doesn’t like having fussy looking items, so decided to keep his case simple but he got the required result he was after. In no time we had our order placed and in a couple working days we had received Hubby’s new case.

CaseApp 1The new case arrived in a cardboard box, well protected and suitable to fit through our letter box. I am very impressed how well our image was printed onto the case, there is no defect to the image and even on the edges the image is perfect, not blurred. Soon we had the case fitted to ClearlyDaddy’s phone, and it fits perfectly.

The case has now been on ClearlyDaddy’s phone for over a week and it still looks prestine, no scratches, no breakages and more importantly ClearlyDaddy loves it!

We ordered ClearlyDaddy’s case from CaseApp priced at £19. If you are interested in ordering your very own case, I have a fab 20% discount code to share with you, simply insert BEXCASEAPP20 at the checkout!

**This is not a sponsored post, we were given a voucher code to order one case of our choice. All words and opinions are my own.

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