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A New Job…

This is something which has been on the cards for sometime, since Leah began going to nursery 12 months ago but I kept putting it off. I had no confidence. I have been out of work for nearly 3 years. 3 wonderful years raising my children where no one could hurt me and I was safe.

I have been looking for work but there would always be some aspect of a job which would put me off, firstly going back full time would put me back in an office, in a situation where I wouldn’t feel safe anymore. I also didn’t want to work full time and leave my kids, I have adjusted well to being at home and caring for my children. I also enjoy blogging when I get time and going on long walks with the dog.

Also I enjoy my photography, I currently do an evening course teaching me the ins and outs of my camera and I am learning to be more creative to get out with my camera and enjoy it. One day I hope to find the confidence to get out and actually work professionally with my camera, I do lack artistic creativity but I am hoping to get there, I just need a first step.

Full time work just wouldn’t be for me – not right now.

So then I thought about part time, I thought about during the school/nursery day but finding jobs with these sorts of available hours are so few and far between. I also didn’t want to give up blogging nor walking the dog, he’s a commitment and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him for 6+hrs during the day. So then this has left evenings. ClearlyDaddy works 10+ hr days, Leaving at 7.30/7.45 daily and usually returning between 6/6.30pm and looking into certain jobs require people to start at 5/6pm which really wasn’t ideal for us again. That was until a fortnight ago when I walked through the doors of a local supermarket, where I saw a sign at the door “Evening/Weekend staff wanted”.

I picked up a form and began scribbling my details on it. Weekend’s would still be an issue for us as ClearlyDaddy works alternate Saturdays but I thought there would be no harm in enquiring to see if the store could accommodate me.

On Monday I had an interview, it was a lovely interview and I feel I came across strongly and positively. It must have worked as this morning I was given a job! I shall be working 3 evenings a week, starting at 7.30pm on the kiosk counter, I am thrilled! Starting at this time doesn’t affect husbands work, doesn’t affect school, routines or other commitments.

I am hoping working will help boost my confidence, to allow in the future for me to either return to full time work or all me to focus on setting up my possible photography business.

But for now its a start.


  1. Kim Carberry

    3rd June 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Congrats and good luck with the new job! It sounds perfect x

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