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Sprucing Up The Garden

With Summer quickly approaching we are now coming out of hibernation, my back garden rarely sees us during the winter as we tend to shy away from the cold. Now the days are warming up, the nights are staying lighter later our attention is now turning to our rear garden and how we can get it ready for the kids to play out again.

I am by no means green fingered, my garden needs to be low maintenance and ideal for the kids to play in. With also having a large dog I need to keep up his running space whilst keeping the garden minimalist otherwise he will just dig everything up.

GardenHere’s how we plan to spruce up the garden for this Summer;

Last year we acquired a petrol mower, which has made my trips into the garden to mow a little easier as this gets the job done super quick. I love having a neatly mowed and trimmed lawn, it looks incredibly inviting, brightens up a garden and also the smell of fresh cut grass it lovely. I try to mow the garden at least once a week during the spring/summer months. I intend to repair the patches at the top of the garden soon to help the grass grow back, these areas tend to struggle for lighting but I have moved the trampoline (which was at the top of the garden) for this summer to encourage some grass growth.

Garden 1Another focus has been trying to bring in a bit of colour to the garden by way of plants and flowers. A firm favourite of mine are climbers, especially sweet peas and clematis. They bring some wonderful flowers to a garden and also a range of colours. I tend to grow all my plants in containers as we live in a rented property I hate leaving my plants behind should we need to move house again.

This year I am also trying my hand at strawberry plants, my neighbour grows them just over our fence and I love watching them grow so this year I am going to grow my own.

Garden 2Lastly I need to get all the children’s toys cleaned up and the patio’s blasted, for this we use our jet washer. Perfect for lifting up grime and bringing a new lease of life to any garden.

Garden 3

What would be your main jobs for getting your garden ready for this summer??

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