May Round Up

Trying to continue with my month end round up’s of what’s been happening over at ClearlyBex HQ I now want to bring you our round up for April/May. You may notice I missed April’s round up this was due to a loss in our family of my Father In Law, you can read about our loss here and we still very much feel our loss today it’s been a difficult month.

During May I haven’t blogged as much as my heart really hasn’t been into it but after taking some time away and after recently having surgery I am back and slowly finding my blog again.

So without further ado here is what we’ve been trying out over the past 2 months;

National Stationery Week

An event I completely missed out on at the end of April was National Stationery Week to celebrate all things stationery and the simple forms of communication by simply using a pen and piece of paper. To celebrate I was provided with a small range of stationery to add to my lovely collection at home.

National Stationary WeekJack Daniels Barbecue Sauces

I was sent the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Barbecue Glaze to try. I first tried this sauce with bread-sticks the other week when I attended Blog On Conference at MOSI Manchester. Since then I’ve sampled it with pork chop, jacket potato and even used it as a stir fry sauce. Each meal has been lovely and I am looking forward to trying it again during the BBQ season. Keeping with the traditional Jack Daniels taste you can also taste the Barbecue and Honey flavours incorporated within, it is quite sweet but certainly very tasty. This product is available to buy now from any high street supermarket.

Jack Daniels


Now these people make lovely wine, Alcohol Free! Whether you can’t drink alcohol for medical reasons, don’t like it or are pregnant you are guaranteed to find a nice wine to still enjoy all thanks to Eisberg. Available in a range of 4 bottles, Chardonnay, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Riesling you will not be disappointed. Earlier this week I had surgery so I am currently keeping off the alcohol in favour of pain killers so this Rose wine has certainly been a lovely addition to my cupboard for me to enjoy in an evening. Available to buy now at all high street supermarkets with an RRP of £3.69.

EisbergMore Drinks

Another company I came across recently whilst at Blog On conference was More Drinks, specialising in vitamin drinks to give your body that little extra when you need it most. Available in a range of flavours and benefits, high in vitamins, low on calories and sugars these are a perfect addition for topping up those missing daily essentials. These bottles are ideal for all members of your family, Get More bottles for grown ups whilst A Little More perfect for children. On my most recent trip to the supermarket and came across these bottles priced at £1.99 each for the Get More bottles, a little more than I’d anticipate paying for a drink but they are super tasty and do contain 100% RDA of vitamin advertised on the label.

Get More

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