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Duplo Farm Comes To Legoland Discovery Centre

I am chuffed to be a Legoland Blogger Ambassador, we get to hear all about news and events coming up to share with you all to keep you in the loop. Last weekend I was away on holiday so was sad to miss the grand opening of the all new Duplo Farm at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester.

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Explore the farmer’s house and enjoy the view over the fields. You can climb the attic of our farmer’s house and go down the slide. Have a look at the cowshed, too! Oh and who is that? Can you guess? It’s the farmer’s lively dog. Don’t be afraid: Barking dogs never bite!

DUPLO Farm is perfect for your young budding builders in a perfect environment for them to learn and play.

At our DUPLO® Village attraction, when children aged 2-5 years build and learn at the same time, they develop their coordination and concentration skills. DUPLO Village at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester is located next to our Café in a quieter space within the attraction so parents can spend time building and being creative with their children. DUPLO bricks are perfect for small children to handle and learn to build but we also have extra large soft bricks to make play both easier and fun!

Here you can meet the farmer and the animals which live here you can also have a sit on the ride on cow and dog. There is also an area with large duplo bricks for your child to get creative and also a fabulous tunnel slide. Perfect for any young child who is beginning their Lego journey.

I’d like to share with you some fab photos from the event and I shall be visiting in the next few weeks to give this attraction my complete verdict with my kids, but it does look fun!

Legoland Duplo FarmIf you are looking to visit Legoland Discovery Centre soon, make you visit the webpage for ticket prices and admission times. You can also save money by booking in advance.


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