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Earlier this year I was introduced to Cheatwell Games, I’d never come across them before (even though Cheatwell was founded in 1986) but we were immediately taken with their range of toys/games for any age. Some toys are small, pocket sized whilst others can be enjoyed as a whole family. They look to be great toys for all occasions.

We were offered to review not 1 but 3 of their games and delighted when these goodies arrived.

Pig Poppers

This is a handheld but great fun toy, simply load a foam ball into the pigs snout, take aim and fire by squeezing the pigs stomach! Contents are 1x Pig Popper, 6x Foam Balls and a small bag for storing the foam balls. Because the balls are foam they are incredibly soft making their impact low causing no pain and the pig has a shooting distance of up to 20feet! Also this game can be enjoyed inside or outside, has an age rating of 4+ and an RRP of £7.99.

So far this toy has been a firm favourite, my kids are very active and really enjoy toys which “shoot” as they love chasing the items being shot.

Cheatwell Games 2Scavenger Hunt

Another great game which has been thoroughly enjoyed is this, Scavenger Hunt. With an age recommendation of 6+ this game has been enjoyed by both my children aged 3 & 5. The aim of this game is to either hunt indoors or outdoors for items named on the cards, start the game by spinning the spinner board and collecting the number of cards instructed then go on your hunt. Items can be collectable or not, on some cards you will see a camera symbol which requires you to take a photo of your item found to use as proof. The first player back with all their items collected is the winner.

One thing I do recommend is that you take a look through the deck of cards to ensure items your child is looking for are actually in your home/garden. Also make sure items to be collected are not breakable.

This game has an RRP of £11.99.

Cheatwell Games 3


One game I was looking forward to playing with is Marbureka, a marble run game. As a child I recall playing with something very similar and really enjoyed making the marble run and also getting creative and going against the instructions. This set contains 45 parts, 30 fittings and 15 marbles and takes minutes to set up. Its great setting the balls loose from the top and watching them make their way to the bottom. I’d like to see an extra top base included with this set as the right hand shoot did tend to be left alone because of the missing part. But all in all this has been another hit with the kids.

This game has an RRP of £9.99.

Cheatwell Games 1

All in all we have really enjoyed tested out our new games and look forward to many more sessions enjoying them too. To have a look at more in their range head over to Cheatwell Games today.


**This is not a sponsored post, I was sent a selection of games from Cheatwell to try out and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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