Brainstorm Toys Toy Package : Review

Recently I attended one of my favourite annually blogging conferences, Blog On and whilst I was there I was thrilled to be a prize winner of a fantastic Brainstorm Toys Package. I’d only briefly come across Brainstorm Toys in the past but now I am becoming quite fond of their products. I’d like to share with you what was in our prize package.


As part of our original GoodyBag from Blog On we got a one of these men, so topped up with our prize bundle we now have 6 and the kids just adore them! Altogether there are 6 colours, 9 different characters and over 50 Magno-Z Hair-ee Springs to collect, priced at £2.99 each. Each character has a different name, and personality each with their own crazy hair styles and faces to match. Their arms are coiled, bendy with magnetic hands and feet. The characters can be poised to certain positions or hung from metallic objects, the possibilities are endless.

Brainstorm 12in1 Globe Earth & Constellations

Upon first inspection of this globe I thought it was just a globe showing different countries of the world and I was thrilled about that as Lewis is becoming more and more aware of the world around him. Soon we go on our first family foreign holiday so Lewis was keen to know where we were going and loves naming all the other countries of the world. Then I was intrigued to find out how the constellations come about, on the base is an on/off switch, simply insert 4xC batteries and the globe will glow. The glow will illuminate the constellations in a darkened room and also acts a perfect night light. The 2in1 Globe Earth & Constellations is recommended for children ages 8+ with an RRP of £35.99.

Brainstorm 2Creepy Crawly Catcher

This a great kit for kids who enjoy the outdoors and collecting bugs. Included in this set are the creepy crawly catcher tool, bug catch jar, magnifier , practise bugs and a record book.  With this set you child has all he/she needs to head outdoors to collect bugs. The catcher is operated by a squeeze trigger on the handle and the bristles will carefully scoop up their prized bug. What I also like about this set is that the catcher rim is a perfect fit for the rim of the jar ensuring a good bug release and that the lid to the jar has aeration holes. We intend to have some days out with this set, its pefect for woodlands, parks, rock pools, beach and much much more. The Creepy Crawly Catcher has an RRP of £18.99 with an age recommendation of 6+ years. Personally I think this age recommendation is a little high as both my children aged 3 & 5 love this set and use it well.

Brainstorm 3Glow Stars Collection

This is where my knowledge of Brainstorm Toys began, from when I was a child with my favourite glow in the dark stickers. Now there is much more to the collection.

Brainstorm 4Glow In The Dark Stickers – The sticking possibilities are endless, they are perfect for sticking on bedroom ceilings or just about anywhere else, they are white stickers with a slight yellowish tinge so they will blend perfectly to remain hidden during the day. The daylight will charge the stickers up to give a perfect glow at night time to resemble the night sky. These Glow In The Dark Stickers have an RRP of 4.99, contain over 1000 stickers and have an age recommendation of 3+. This pack contain many “space” effect stickers, including stars, moons, UFO’s, clouds, rockets and more.

Glow In The Dark Pens – This pack contact 2 pens to get creative, maybe you have a budding artist who would like to decorate clothing, drawings, posters or anywhere else. The tips are like pens, simply squeeze and start drawing. These Glow In The Dark pens have a RRP of £4.99 and an age recommendation of 6+.

Glitter Stars & Cosmic Glow –  These packs contain stars and moons (40 in the Glitter Stars and 20 in the Cosmic Glow) to decorate any child’s bedroom, simply attach by using the adhesive pads included in the pack. They both have Glow In The Dark capabilities as per the rest of the range, have an RRP of £3.99 for the Glitter Stars and £4.19 for the Cosmic Glow with an age recommendation of 3+.

Overall we are delighted with our range of goodies from Brainstorm Toys and look forward to seeing what else there is in the range.


**This is not a sponsored post, I won these goodies in a giveaway and decided to write a review about them. All words and opinions are my own.

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