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What’s In Your Change bag?

To celebrate the launch of the new BRITAX Smile, with is extra large basket perfect for trips out and storage the lovely people at Britax recently asked their followers on Facebook “What do you carry with you for stress free outings??”.

BRITAX collated their responses to create a ‘Mummy Bag Essentials’ Checklist and found that the top 11 items mums shouldn’t leave home without are:

  1. Wet WipesChange Bag
  2. Nappies
  3. Dummy
  4. Cuddly Toy
  5. Bottle
  6. Snack for Mum
  7. Snack for Little Ones
  8. Blanket
  9. Buggy Book
  10. Phone
  11. Spare Clothes

With all these results in and now collated BRITAX have challenged me by asking “What do you carry in your change bag?”

Well, truth be told, absolutely nothing! Leah is now 3 so our “Change bag” days are over but rewind time, approximately 2 years and 10 months ago (when Leah was 2 months old) I carried everything except the kitchen sink.

I had a ridiculously large change bag but I always managed to fill it, I seriously needed the large basket which the BRITAX Smile provides, especially if we were out of the house most of the day. Here is an example of what I carried;

1. Bottles filled with water, could be up to 4, depending how long we were out for.

2. Formula capsules, also could be up to 4 with the right amount of feed in each.

3. Flask of hot water to reheat the bottles.

4. Nappies, I always carried about 6

5. Baby Wipes, fresh pack for every outing.

6. Spare clothes.

7. Change mat

8. Antibacterial Cleaner, for hands and change mat

9. Clean Dummies

10. Hat, either for cold days or sunny days, weather depending

11. Blanket, perfect for either seasons and nap times

12. Spare socks, the blighter’s were always falling off her feet, she had skinny ankles.

13. DogDog, this is Leah’s favourite bear, always has been and always will be.

14. Toys, although at 2 months old she didn’t really grasp toys well but she had always been smitten with a puppet owl which belonged to Lewis.

These are obviously just the essential items for Leah, as a baby but I also had my toddler to pack for too as Lewis was then aged 2 years 10 months so needed toys, nappies, snacks and spare clothes too. Someday’s I feel it would have been easier leaving the house with a suitcase!

Fast forward time to today, its a very different story, Leah has just turned 3 and even though we still leave the house with a “change-bag” it is much smaller and only contains spare clothes for both children.

So now it’s your turn, I’m asking you, What do you carry in your change bag??

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  1. Joanne Collins

    5th April 2015 at 9:03 am

    I used to carry everything that you did including the flask etc! Now Sam is 2.5 so the usual nappies and stuff plus a change of clothes as he loves puddles. I can not leave the house without a cereal bar or two for him either. For juice refills I use the Robinsons Squeezes which are great for on the go with a fussy monkey!

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