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2 years ago exactly I found a new “hobby”, this hobby is free, fun, involves lots of outdoors, walking and keeps the whole family involved. We found Geocaching!

For those who do not know what Geocaching is, its quite frankly a world-wide treasure hunt!!

Using either the geocaching webpage or an app on your smart phone you can gain location of caches using a map. I use an app called c-geo which has always worked well for us, it links to database so my finds will be recorded on their database. On this app it gives me a live map, locations of caches, types of caches to be found (i’ll explain these later), cache availability and option to log your find.

GeocachingAs mentioned earlier our Geocaching adventures started 2 years ago whilst we lived in Lancashire, we spent hours walking around the local parks and streets near our house, there were always caches to be found. We even got my parents hooked on our little adventures. It really got us out and about in the sunshine (yes we are only fair weather cachers!)

Geocaching 1April 2013

Geocahing can take you anywhere…

Geocaching 3Since April 2013 we have been on a bit of a Geocaching break as we relocated back to Shropshire and never continued our adventures… until last week.

Over the Easter Holidays we have been out twice on our caching adventures, once on Bank Holiday Monday and again the day after. The kids were thrilled to be back out “treasure hunting” again. We even got our friends involved with our adventures and they are keen Geocachers now.

Geocaching 2

Types of Caches

We are Traditional/Micro and Nano Cache finders, so to keep things simple keeping kids fully involved. When finding these types of caches you are directed to the exact location, given a simple clue using our app and go on the hunt.

Traditional Cache

Traditional caches are in large canisters, usually of a sandwich tub size. We’ve even come across a few sneaky caches which really blend into the surroundings! These types of caches usually contain a good sized note pad to jot down your username and date, a pen and sometimes some goodies for you to keep. Its always best to keep a couple of goodies on you to swap over, I usually swap them with little stickers or marbles.

Geocaching 4

Micro Caches

These caches are a bit smaller to your traditional caches, usually hidden in 35mm film canisters. Can be camoflauged or could be just black. These usually contain just a small pad of paper for your to jot down your date and username – Its best to carry your own pen.

35mm Film CanisterPicture Courtesy of EBay

Nano Caches

These can be sneaky little blighters, and they are minutely small. They are not much smaller that a 10p piece, magnetic and can even be colour coordinated to their surroundings. These usually require much more stealth and patience to find and from past experience their containing papers are usually full so I tend to only log these on my phone as found.

Nano Cache - AmazonPicture Courtesy of Amazon UK

There are more caches which are for more going hardcore Geocachers, these can be found over at the Geocaching Webpage.

This really is a great hobby to take part in, its free, can be rather muddy but always guaranteed to be fun. Have a look at get registered, find your local caches and get finding! With over 2.5m active caches around the world and over 6m members you really need to get part of this great network.


  1. littlepicklesmom

    11th December 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Ahhh I love Geocaching! Definitely will be planning some Geocaching adventures when our little one comes along! <3

  2. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    14th April 2015 at 8:37 pm

    Oh wow,this looks like so much fun!

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