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Ultra-Rare Albino Lobster Arrives At Sealife Centre Manchester

Do you have plans to visit the Sealife Centre in Manchester anytime soon?? If so you can now meet a ultra-rare (one-in-a-hundred-million) albino lobster. Suitably named Theodore (not Thermidor) by the team at Sealife Manchester. This lobster was actually rescued at last minute as he was actually destined for a diners plate at a restaurant in Weymouth!

Albino Lobster SealifePicture provided to me from Sealife Centre Manchester – Theodore and Andy Hill, Aquarist.

To find out more about Theodore please read the press release before.


Ultra-rare Albino Lobster Arrives at Sea Life Manchester 

A one-in-a-hundred-million albino lobster is to make his home at Sea Life Manchester as part of the aquarium’s brand new Clawsexhibition.

Nicknamed Theodore NOT Thermidor by staff, he is an extremely rare example of a native lobster and was originally destined for the capital’s fine dining seafood restaurants before Sea Life Manchester rescued him from the pot and gave him a new home.

The lobster, which was found off the coast of Weymouth has an absence of colour pigment due to a lack of melanin, this extremely rare phenomenon causes the white colouration. Lobsters shed their shells so staff will be watching anxiously when Theodore next moults, but fully expect his new suit to white as well.

As Joe Lavery, head aquarist at Sea Life Manchester explains: “Lobsters are normally a blue or bluey-grey colour, which is much better for camouflage against the rocky sea bed.

“It’s amazing that any lobster as pale as Theodore could survive so long as he has, his stand out colouring would make him a prime target for predators. From his size, he’s probably at least five years old already.”

“We were particularly lucky that one of our suppliers contacted us with this exciting find, otherwise he’d most likely have been served up for supper.”

Theodore will be used as a great teaching tool at the aquarium with his unique discolouration he’ll be a great talking point as part of the new Claws exhibition which has just opened to the public.

Other amazing sea creatures at the Claws exhibition include a Giant Spider Crab which is 90cm wide and will grow to a whopping 3m wide from leg to leg. There will also be some fabulously coloured Rainbow crabs, a Mantis Shrimp with its ruthless punch, Hermit Crabs and later in the month a Giant Tasmanian Crab will join the exhibit.

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  1. Danielle Vedmore

    13th April 2015 at 6:39 pm

    Aww! I have never tasted lobster and don’t want to after seeing Homer’s pet on The Simpsons lol

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