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Leah’s turned 3!

This blog post comes really late, a fortnight to be exact. Due to birthdays, school, work, holidays, illnesses and general life I haven’t had time to type up this blog post let alone think about the basics of what I want to write.

So here goes….

3 years and a fortnight ago this little lady entered out lives, and 3 glorious years later we are so blessed that she has grown into a lovely young girl finding her way in life… usually by demanding everything she wants and sticking her heels in when she doesn’t want to do something.

Leahs 3Leah can be really feisty when needs be, I am regularly told this is the “female way” and each time this is said the more I feel sorry for my parents and the nightmares I must have given them. The countless arguments we have over doing such meaningless tasks Leah really is a force not to be reckoned with and not even bribery helps. If she doesn’t want to do something, NOTHING will make her do it.

But all that said and done she really is maturing well, she has her likes and lots more dislikes but we are working our way through the hurdles.

After the Easter break Leah will be progressing from Day Care to Nursery of which she will be attending every weekday afternoon, before the holidays she did some settling in sessions which she sailed through and is really looking forward to her next adventures.

Her speech over the past year has come on leaps and bounds, I recall being worried about her speech when she was 23 months old but then at 23.5 months old she began chattering away, its like some light came on and its now shining brighter than ever. Leah can hold full conversations, explain what mischief she’s causing and also complain endlessly about Lewis. Her speech can be rather unclear at times and I now know her delay was down to being lazy as Lewis (well us all) still try and speak for her, its our fault.

The day before Leah’s birthday we had my family round to visit, armed with gifts galore Leah couldn’t wait to start unwrapping them. We did in the end let Leah unwrap all of her presents that day as her birthday was on a Monday and I day a full days outing planned so it was only fair so that she could make the most of her gifts. As expected her Birthday was all about Frozen, Little Mermaid and Princesses. We didn’t embrace her love for these things at Christmas due to supply and demand issues in the shops so it was nice to be able to meet her requests for her Birthday.

Leah is 3I also recall last year Leah didn’t like everyone singing Happy Birthday to her…

Leah is 3 aNothing changed there then! Haha

The rest of Sunday was filled with spending the afternoon visiting Ironbridge, having a family portrait taken and then eating yummy Ice Cream by the river.

Leah is 3 bMonday which was the actual day of Leah’s Birthday we spent visiting Manchester as she wanted to go to the Sealife Centre and Legoland Discovery Centre, we were very fortunate to be joined by Tina and Sam from MotherGeek making it a lovely day out.

Leah is 3 c

All in all a wonderful Birthday for Leah and I really look forward to seeing what the next 12 months have in store for us.

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