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K’Nex Ferris Wheel Building Set from House Of Fraser : Review

Lewis is now becoming of an age where all his toys are about construction and being creative to reach a required target. He is very fond of building dens and getting creative with Lego and Minecraft. So when House Of Fraser contacted me recently to see if we fancied expanding Lewis’s construction skills I knew I couldn’t refuse and knew Lewis would accept this new challenge with joy.

We decided to test out the Ferris Wheel Construction Set from K’Nex, aimed at children aged 7+ (which is a little above Lewis’s age). This set contains 475 pieces, stands at 56cm tall and is even motorised! I recall back to my childhood, I use to attend an after school club and I also built a K’Nex Ferris Wheel so this set brought back a bit of nostalgia for me.

K-NexWe immediately got to work, from opening the instructions we knew this would be too complex for Lewis as the instruction book provides too much instruction in one step and there is no breakdown for him to work from. So ClearlyDaddy and I rolled up our sleeves and gave a helping hand. After a bit of studying we soon got on the way, ClearlyDaddy built the base whilst Lewis and I built the wheel as this was a little easier for Lewis to work with.

K-Nex 1Going back to when I built K’Nex as a child I was initially surprised at the pieces as I recall K’Nex sticks to be much thicker and models to also be much bigger and robust. This new K’Nex set was much smaller than what I recall. But all that said everything still fits together just as well, simply slot the pieces into the fittings to construct your model.

Eventually we were presented with a finished model whilst looked like this! We were all very pleased with our finished masterpiece and Lewis couldn’t wait to get the wheel turning and then put together some people to take a ride on his new Ferris Wheel.

K-Nex 2

All in all this is a really good set, it constructs well, stands well and rotates well (when evenly balanced with passangers). The electric motor could perhaps do with a bit more strength to cope with unevenly balanced passangers and also does not come with the batteries required to make this set work.

This set is priced at £29.99 so be sure to pop over to House Of Fraser soon to order yours.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were sent a K’Nex Ferris Wheel building set from House Of Fraser to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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