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Kate & Mim-Mim Funny Bunny Fun : App Review

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During my children’s development of watching CBeebies through to years we have come across of lots of appealing programs which hold memories for them and for me as these are all part of their life journey and education. With the kids now being at Nursery and School whilst having their own interests they don’t get as much time to watch CBeebies anymore so it’s nice to occasionally put it on and watch some new programs.

A new program which we have only recently come across is Kate & Mim-Mim, today I am going to be showing you their new app, Funny Bunny Fun, for your tablet computer or mobile phone, perfect for young fingers and the Easter break.

Kate and Mim MimKate and Mim Mim 1There are 3 games to this app, Colouring with Kate, Mim-Mim Memory and Pop! Pop! Peaches.

Colouring – You are given 10 pictures to choose including 1 blank canvas, over 20 colours to paint or draw with and 5 tools to use. Using these you can make or colour your chosen picture and then save your masterpiece. The only problem I did encounter is that these pictures can be awkward to colour in on a small device such as a mobile phone as there is too much detail.

Mim-Mim Memory – A memory card game, featuring 3 levels easy with 8 cards, medium with 12 cards and hard with 16 cards. Simply match the pictures on the cards to complete.

Pop! Pop! Peaches – Choose from 9 scenes to play, from Bubble Bubble Brook to Forever Forest Day, Gobbles Home and more. All you have to do is guide Kate to collect items falling from the tree whilst avoiding certain items.

For each game there is a “How To Play” section providing simple instructions. During the use of the app with the sound on you will hear the theme tune to Kate & Mim-Mim playing in the background and also you can choose to watch the video intro to the program at your wish.


My children have had a brief play with this on their Dad’s iPhone and although they did like it it was very fiddly on such a small screen. Although we have not tried this app on a tablet yet I am fairly confident on a tablet it would be better, much clearer for them and easier to operate.

Kate & Mim-Mim Funny Bunny Fun app is available to purchase from iTunes or Google Play priced at £1.49.

**This is not a sponsored post. I was provided with a download code to try and test this app. All words and opinions are my own.

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