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Introducing A New Baby…

Very soon the UK’s media will be entering a new frenzy, awaiting the arrival of the new Royal Baby who is supposedly due to arrive around the 20th April. With the impending arrival in the Royal family household its become quite a hot topic over at BRITAX on the best method of introducing your new arrival to older siblings.

When Leah was born, Lewis knew for along time before that his baby sister would need lots of love and attention as she was very little and couldn’t do things for herself. We read lots of stories together and he helped me lots prepare Leah’s bedroom for her so that he understood. When Leah arrived Lewis loved helping give her a bottle, changing her nappy and watching over her in the pushchair whilst he rode on his buggy board. He was a very loving and caring big brother and still is to this day.

A short time ago BRITAX asked their followers on Social Media on how they went about introducing a new baby to the household, now I would like to show you what they came up with.

Royal Baby_tips_Final

Do you have any further suggestions which could be added to this list??

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