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Interplay UK Fairy Garden : Review

Now Leah has turned 3 I have noticed a big difference in her in the past few months, she has really become aware of Fairies and Princesses and like most young girls her age she now wants to become one. Most of her imaginative play, now mostly involves dressing up, prancing around the play room and waving her magic wand around.

Before the Easter Holidays arrived we took delivery of a special parcel for Leah from Interplay, a Fairy Garden for her to make her own magical Fairy scene to adore.

Fairy GardenContents Include;

  • Fairy Garden Bowl
  • Fairy Figurine
  • Oyster Shell Water Feature
  • Fairy Cottage Construction Set Complete With Carpet
  • Fairy Flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Clothes Line inc 2 Tiny Pegs and Pink Blanket
  • Coloured Gravel
  • Fairy Stars & Dust
  • Grass Seed

Pretty much everything you need to make your own Fairy Garden is included, all you need to add to this set is compost and water, fortunately we’d just bought 3 bags of compost the day before so this gave me good chance to break into one for some fresh stuff. Armed with a spoon (because we couldn’t find Leahs little garden trowl) we went and filled our bowl.

Once back inside we got down to work, following the instruction manual to guide us on our way.

Fairy Garden 1I assembled the Fairy Cottage for Leah as she wouldn’t be able negotiate her way around but she made the final decision of where the cottage stood. We then added the water feature, gravel path, constructed the washing line, sowed the lawn, added the flowers and mushrooms all before putting the finishing touches to the garden with the Fairy Dust, Stars and placing our Fairy Figurine.

Lastly we watered the garden ready for the grass to grow. All in all this is a great little set for young children and ever better to work at it together as a mini indoor garden project teaching children all about seeds which grow.

Fairy Garden 2Leah immediately set about taking her new Fairy friend to her bedroom and this has where it has stayed since. In a morning Leah will get out of bed and wander over to her new garden to check how her grass is growing and give her garden some more water if need be. You could probably imagine the delight when she woke up the morning of Easter Sunday to find the grass had begun sprouting!

This Fairy Garden set has been absolutely wonderful, and great for any green fingered young child. With a recommended age rating of 4+ I think this would be reasonably acceptable as Leah has just turned 3 and I really did need to keep her monitored and assisted her along the way.

The Interplay Fairy Garden also has a recommended RRP of £14.99 of which you can purchase direct.

Here is a video of us constructing our Fairy Garden together….

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a Fairy Garden from Interplay to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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