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Hexbug Havoc : App Review

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Lewis is now coming of an age where he is becoming sucked into the world of technology, through the love of a mobile phone, tablet or console he regularly needs one to keep him happy.

Continuing with Lewis’s love for Hexbugs, we have recently been introduced to a app of theirs, available to download for mobile or tablets. Introducing Hexbug Havoc.

Hexbug HavocOnly available to download through iTunes this game is available for iOS 4.0 of above and is free to download, we have been testing this on ClearlyDaddy’s iPhone as this is our only apple gadget in the house.

A real game of skill and speed, you have to guide your Nano by swiping left to right to help it miss obstacles, collect coins, bash other bugs and collect power ups. All this whilst completing you Hex-Missions to earn rewards which can be a new Nano or a lump amount of HEXcreds.

Hexbug Havoc 1There are 2 ways to progress in this game the first way is to collect as may of the coins as you can as you go around the tracks, these are HEXcreds which can be spent in the store to give you power ups. Also another way is be completing missions which will earn you new coloured bugs which you will see in the Hex-Collection.Hexbug Havoc 2So far we haven’t really got too far with this game as Lewis is struggling with how fast it moves, he’s reaction speeds are not great but with more practise and patience I am sure he will improve. Also due to the fact that this game is installed on our only Apple device (ClearlyDaddy’s iPhone) Lewis doesn’t get too much time to play. It would be nice to see this game available to download from the Google Play Store for Lewis’s android tab as he would spend much more time playing it then.

**This is not a sponsored post, I choose to download the free Hexbug Havoc App to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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