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The #SeaStars Arrive In Birmingham : Sealife Centre

At the weekend we were very fortunate to be invited over to Sealife Centre Birmingham to welcome their new arrivals. Both Lewis and Leah love the Sealife Centre, it is a place we like to regularly visit as it gives them great insight into what creatures live in our oceans. Lewis has recently been on a school trip to Sealife Centre so he was eager to return to walk us round and show us all that he saw and tell us what he learnt, I was really pleased with all he showed us and Leah hung onto his every word too.

One area Lewis didn’t get to see on his school trip was the new SeaStars Attraction so he was pleased the boards were now down and he could take a look at what had arrived.

Sealife SeaStars BannerThe Starfish have taken up permanent residency in a new refurnished area in between the Seahorses and Jellyfish. In here you can get up close to many starfish including the Common Starfish, Red Knobbed Starfish, Brittle Starfish and Granulated Starfish all in well lit and colour tanks. With over 1000 species of starfish in our oceans we had a great insight into some what was out there and also learning how climate change is making Starfish a threatened species. There are even 3 peekaboo tanks for you to duck into to have a really good look up close.

Sealife SeaStars 1Around the Starfish attraction there are plenty of information boards, telling you all about their lifestyles, feeding habits, anatomy, family links, skin types and much much more. There is also a great interactive screen where children can speed up or slow down the starfish movements over time, this was a big cause of interest for Leah as she could see the starfish “dancing” – as she put it!

Did you know; A Sunflower Starfish can have up to 24 arms and if it was to loose one of them it would just grow it back!!

Sealife SeaStarsDuring our time visiting the new Starfish Attraction I managed to capture a short video to give you a feel of what to expect when you visit;

After visiting the Starfish we were able to then continue enjoying our journey around the Sealife Centre, we were very happy to return to the Penguins exhibit to say Hi to Ginny Gentoo again whilst visiting her friends around the building.

Sealife SeaStars 2If you are thinking of visiting the Sealife Centre soon, i’d really recommend going during the holidays as you can experience the Spongebob Square Pants Sponge Hunt event which is happening now until the 19th April. Using an activity sheet you can hunt out for Bob and all his friends hidden in various tanks. Follow the link here to find out opening times and book your tickets.

Sealife Spongebob Square Hunt

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