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Swizzels Spring Selection Tub : Review

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Having 2 children in the house usually means you have a dedicated shelf in the kitchen for sweets, chocolates and other various treats, in our cupboard it’s right at the top as I know with any chance the kids would be in it constantly. They are very sweet toothed my children and would happily eat these delicious treats all day long, and who could blame them they are very enticing.

One brand I have grown up with and to this day still buy their products is Swizzels as a child I have always enjoyed Drumstick lollies and Parma Violets. So when Swizzels got in contact with me to offer a huge tub of Spring Selection sweets to devour with my children there was no chance I’d be able to say no!

Swizzels Spring SelectionThis huge tub is in celebration of the arrival of Spring, and also a perfect gift for Easter. Contains 750g of our favourite classics, Fruity Pops, Refresher chew bars, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, and Drumstick lollies.

The kids were rather keen to break into their new tub of sweet treats and very quickly picked up a lolly each and disappeared with them. I couldn’t help but make a start on nibbling away at the Parma Violets.

Swizzels Spring Selection 1The tub makes for excellent storage and to ensure your sweets stay air tight. We are looking forward to going to an Easter Egg hunt soon and I am sure this tub will come with us for Egg Hunting and also Lewis can share his sweets with his friends.

The Swizzels Spring Selection tubs are now available to purchase in your local supermarkets, with an RRP of £5 these are a cracking bargain and certainly not to be missed!


**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a huge tub of sweets to eat and tell you all about. All words and opinions are my own.

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