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Slimming World Weigh In – 26/3/15

Right now I am feeling like the most terrible blogger, I opted to share my Slimming World journey with you on a weekly basis but I have failed to keep you all in the loop for the past month. There are a few reasons for this most of which are personal but I full plan to blog about them at a later date but for now I shall leave you with the fact that I just haven’t had time! Simples.

So this past 4 weeks, I’ve been going back to group on a weekly basis on either a Wednesday or a Thursday morning and I’m continuing to loose weight. My weight loss isn’t at all speedy but i’m happy with the fact I am loosing weight gradually and not putting any weight on. I am struggling with motivation because I haven’t been staying to group and also a lack of time so I am not being able to experiment with new foods and tastes. I am snacking badly and this week has been Leah’s birthday so my main source of food has been cake. But all that said over the past 4 weeks I have lost a total of 4lb and last week was very shocked to have received Slimming World’s Greatest Loser 2015 for my registered Shifnal Group. I feel a bit of a fraud, this I shall explain in a moment.

Greatest LoserNow, for those who don’t know what Greatest Loser is, this award is an annual occasion, awarded to the member who has lost the month weight over the past 12 months. Now late last year I moved groups after my consultant left my local group for new ventures and new sessions elsewhere… I followed because I like my consultant and I always leave group feeling good because she is super friendly and easy to talk to. So this group I now go to is coming up for 6 months old, full of shiny new members and me who followed along with my already gained loss. Over that 6 months no-one had managed to beat my loss so I was awarded Greatest Loser.

Why I feel like a fraud?? Because over that 6 months of attending my new ‘transferred to’ sessions I have only lost 1 stone and I know plenty of members had lost more than that. Also my weight loss has been that slow I know another member was only 3-4lb behind me and had been a member for 10 weeks!! I really felt this other member should have been awarded and not me, I feel a fraud.

Also I hate being centre of attention, I don’t like standing up in front of people and talking. So being awarded and having my sash placed I just wanted the ground to swallow me whole, where as the other member would have loved it.


But anyways, that’s all off my chest now, back to this week.

This week I lost 1lb, which was by some miracle if you ask me. I’ve eaten tons of cake as it was Leah’s birthday and with very little guilt enjoyed every piece.

365 Day 85So as you can see I am now 4.5lb from target… well I was. I’ve actually shifted my target back 1stone now so that I am now 1stone 4.5 lb from target as this will put me back in a healthy BMI range.

This weekend I hope to behave as all weekends end up being sabotaged and next week I shall be weighing in at my hometown as I am away for a few days. But over the next fortnight I really would like to get my hands on my 2.5stone award and as my reward I shall start buying my jeans the next size down!

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